Entrepreneurship Bootcamp




A Bootcamp for Young Entrepreneurs

Start your entrepreneurial journey at an early age, achieve your fullest potential and create a start up in the real world.

What better way to spend the summer than learning how to start your own business?

The 5-day bootcamp is designed to give you the tools, the know-how and the confidence to turn your idea into a real business venture.

Our innovative blended learning approach means you will study online and on campus at MSB.

Mornings will be dedicated to lectures with Professor of Noomen Lahimer Professor of Economics, Director of The Innovation Lab and Founder of Evey Technologies. In the afternoon you will work at MSB in small teams, each one accompanied by a trained coach who will guide and encourage you through every step needed to develop your business and make it successful.

You will be taught how to pitch and on the final day you will showcase your final project  to a panel of experts who will pick a winner.

Join us for the most unique educational experience of your life!

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