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Facts and Figures

200+ Satisfied Trainees in 2022
85% Of Participants Observe An Improvement
20+ International and National Professors

About us

LCI was founded in 2010, LCI (Language and Culture Institute) initially focused on providing English and Communication skills to SMU students. Over time, it has evolved into a prominent player in executive training, offering language courses and Soft Skills workshops. LCI goes beyond English, providing courses in Arabic, French, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, and Portuguese. The institute also fosters intercultural awareness through events like International Days, uniting SMU students, faculty, staff, embassy representatives, and international organizations. With MSB and MedTech, our dedicated faculty and staff strive to establish SMU as a regional hub of excellence, offering a diverse range of foreign language classes

President's Message

In a globalized world economic order, your capacity of communicating in the language of your partners in different parts of the world and understanding their cultural specificities is of prime importance.

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Director’s Message

The Language and Culture Institute is a centre of excellence in language training and cultural activities. Our mission is to provide language and professional development courses of excellence, as well as promoting inter cultural awareness leading to a better understanding and bringing together of people from all over the world.

By choosing LCI you will embark on a unique and stimulating learning experience. Our long-standing expertise, cutting-edge pedagogical methods, and dedicated staff will make this choice your key to the future.

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How to choose your master? 2024-06-25

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SMU OPen Doors 2024-06-22

Aim for excellence and join us on our campus at the South Mediterranean University with its both schools...

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Mediterranean School of Health Launching 2024-06-13

🎉 La South Mediterranean University (SMU) est ravie de d'annoncer le lancemen...

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