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About Medtech

MedTech is a university and community driven by a shared purpose: to develop the minds of young engineers. All nationalities and all disciplines are welcome to try to expand their minds and understanding in the fields of Software Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Renewable energies, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain applications.  

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The Dean

At MedTech our philosophy of higher education is driven by a three-fold strategy serving one central mission of placing students in the center of all learning and teaching activities. 

The first element of MedTech policy is to provide students with a personal exploratory learning environment. Our course offering and training is driven by student-centered learning environment, in which students can contribute to the content of teaching, the learning process and learning objectives themselves. A key element of MedTech curriculum is the focus on problem-based and project-based learning. All students are trained in taking responsibility for their learning and the teachers, supervisors and the educational environment are all resources in this process.

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Cyber Security Master 2021-12-08

Why joining a Cyber Security Master’s program at MedTech?  Think Before you C...

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American Partner Universities & SMU Partnership Agreement Signing Ceremony Wednesday November 10th 2021-11-09

Hult International Business School  Emporia State Universit...

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Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU) & SMU Partnership 2021-11-03

This Japanese university opened in 2000, with an entirely new multicultural learning environment made up of half of i...

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