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LCI was founded in 2010 by MSB with the objective of providing English language and Communication skills to the students of the MSB undergraduate program.

Later, the Centre expanded and established itself as a key player in the field of corporate language training and Soft Skills programs. In addition, we offer courses in English for Specific Purposes, such as, Finance and Banking, Insurance, Medical and Legal.

In today’s global market place it is essential to be able to communicate on all levels and for this reason LCI offers courses in German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

During the summer period, LCI organizes a Summer Program which includes a kids’ school and Bootcamps in Communication, Entrepreneurship, and Game Development

As a culture Institute LCI is also dedicated to promoting intercultural awareness by organizing International Days where the cultures of different countries are celebrated on the SMU campus.

Our mission is to provide language instruction and professional development courses of excellence for professionals and students. To foster cross-cultural understanding and an appreciation for cultural diversity. Our aim is to ensure that participant’s experience is both profitable and enjoyable through ethical, responsible, and professional conduct.

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