#SMU2023 Entrepreneurs Of the Future 15th Edition

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#SMU2023 Entrepreneurs Of the Future 15th Edition Aug 28 2023 - Sep 01 2023

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Highlights of the first 2 days of ''The Future of Work'' (the theme of this 15th EOF Edition)

During the first 2 days of the SMU Ideation Camp, the EOF organizing teams (faculty and coaches) introduced the competition theme to the students and explained the challenges scoping.

The students work in teams and identify potential successful ideas that would solve the social problem according to the theme.

At the end of the program, the teams will pitch their startup ideas in front of a jury of experts. The best project will be rewarded. 

Day 1 & 2 Program:

  • Orientation and  Onboarding
  • Eof introduction and Problem Definition
  • Value Proposition and Lean Canvas
  • Business Model and Market Analysis
  • How to pitch ideas?

Want to learn more about our guest speakers?

  • Amine Bousarsar, EMBA Alumni, Founder of Biware consulting and system integration company specializing in Data Management and Modern Analytics
  • Fawzi Zorgati: MSB Alumni, Chief Executive Officer chez Saphir Véhicules and Automobiles
  • Ghassen Kilani, Ph.D in Computer Science, Florida Institute of Technology, USA, Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Cyber Security Coordinator at MedTech

Our Moderator

  • Anissa Allagui, Master’s Degree Emirates Aviation College Dubai Business Analytics Master’s Degree High Institute of Commercial Studies IHEC Tunisia Accounts

Stay tuned for more news about this EOF competition.



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