Ghada Ben Cheikh Brahim

Business Development Officer

Successful communication requires language skills and intercultural understanding; at the Language and Culture Institute you can improve both. Let us help you achieve your learning goals in a tailor-made course that will start you off in your target language from day one.

Whether you ant to enhance your research skills, read more widely, communicate with people more easily, improve your career prospects or simply learn something new, the Language and Culture Institute offers your the chance to train in an integral way and realize your maximum potential.

You are most welcome to join us.


Leila Becha

HR Manager

It was important for me to improve my knowledge of Business English and Public Speaking to move ahead  in my professional career. At LCI I was able not only to boost my confidence in addressing an audience but also reach a near native fluency that I didn't think would ever be possible.


Zied Khabtani

Accounting Manager

I participated in a Business English course and was able to really improve my communication skills as well as professional writing. The classes are dynamic, interactive and fun, it was fruitful and enjoyable experience



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