Aziz Ben Romdhane

Excellence Scholarship awardee and MBA student at MSB

My time at SMU has been really transformative and receiving a fully funded scholarship of excellence remains as turning point in my academic journey as well as a really big challenge where it motivated me to excel in a diverse, dynamic learning environment. In the diverse range of Master specialties that MSB offers , I chose Business Analytics as a specialty and was really a very good choice which equipped me with cutting-edge analytical skills and comprehensive knowledge that served as an opportunity to enhance more my hard skills and to leverage data driven insights which help me drive strategic business decisions in my role as a chief operating officer at a Fintech Startup. Thanks to the SMU foundation and its recommendations, I had the opportunity to be part of many national and international events in the SMU incubator, which made it easy to build strong lasting professional relationships and expand my networking. Overall, studying in SMU is a real investment in one ‘s future in gaining knowledge, skills and strategical connections providing a strong foundation for professional success.


Ghada Jeridi

Excellence Scholarship awardee and MBM Alumna student at MSB

As a former UPM graduate, I was certain that MSB was the ideal place to further my education with a Master's degree. Applying for the scholarship offered by SMU Foundation was a crucial step in achieving my objective. Thanks to the excellence scholarship, I had the privilege of spending two additional years at this remarkable institution, where I encountered some of the most significant moments of my academic journey. 

What sets MSB apart is not only its diverse range of specialties taught by highly competent professors but also its comprehensive focus on nurturing personal and soft skills in students. This preparation becomes evident during job interviews, where we stand out as exceptional candidates compared to others.


Ons Kharrat

Excellence Scholarship awardee and Software Engineering student at MedTech

Excellence Scholarship awardee and Software Engineering student at MedTech 

“I am very grateful to be awarded a full scholarship to study Software Engineering at the Mediterranean Institute of Technology (MedTech)! Receiving this scholarship allowed me to join the dynamic SMU Community and immerge myself in a unique academic experience that focuses on project-based learning, which helped me gain technical skills in software development, while nurturing my leadership and entrepreneurship skills! Having studied in the United States for one academic year as part of the Thomas Jefferson Scholarship Program, joining MedTech, after my exchange year, allowed me to be part of an experience as life changing as my experience in the USA. Similar to universities in the US, MedTech offers rigorous academics, a dynamic campus life, networking opportunities, and unlimited chances of growth and learning!” 


Fares Anes

Equality Scholarship awardee and Software Engineering student at MedTech

I am a pre-engineering student at MedTech and an exchange student at California State University San Marcos as a part of the prestigious Thomas Jefferson scholarship program. I am truly grateful for being selected as an Equality scholarship awardee. Indeed, receiving the equality scholarship has had a significant impact on my academic journey and personal development. As a student passionate about both entrepreneurship and technology, I find that SMU offers the perfect environment to develop my skills further.  

The university's rich extracurricular activities and up-to-date study programs provide an ideal platform for personal growth and academic excellence. Overall, my experience at MedTech has been incredibly satisfying, and I am grateful for the opportunities that SMU Foundation has provided me with. 


Zeineb Mdhaffar

Excellence Scholarship awardee and Business Administration student at MSB

I am immensely grateful to the SMU Foundation for awarding me the excellence scholarship in my first year. It has been a life-changing experience, and I feel honored to be a part of the MSB community. One of the highlights of my scholarship experience was the exchange opportunity at Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics Portugal. I am proud to be a part of such a vibrant community of SMU that enabled me to push the boundaries and be active in many clubs and take leadership role. The scholarship has motivated me to strive for excellence, and I am confident that it will continue to have a positive impact on my future endeavors.


Ahmed Chelly

Excellence Scholarship awardee and Software Engineering student at MedTech

"I am very thankful to have been chosen for an excellence scholarship to study at the Mediterranean Institute of Technology (MedTech). I have been part of a wonderful learning experience that brings me closer to achieving my dream of becoming a software engineer who has the ability to occupy important leadership positions. Thanks to the encouragement and support I was offered, I have had the opportunity to stay on top of my class since I started my journey at SMU. I have also had the chance to develop my knowledge and soft skills by participating in extracurricular activities, and by being an active member of different student clubs such as IEEE SMU Student Branch. I am deeply grateful to the SMU Foundation for believing in me and helping me to pursue my dreams."


Faycel Zidi

Assistant professor, Higher School of Sciences Economic and Commercial of Tunis, ESSECT

Beyond the four modules built with a lot of pedagogy, I especially appreciated the quality of the exchanges. The case studies were very effective and useful to understand the application of theoretical knowledge to practical and real situations. In all honesty, I can only highlight positive points. In summary I would say thank you again for this great learning experience.


Mohamed Khalil Rourou

Excellence Scholarship Master’s 2018, MSB Supply Network Operations Specialist Merck

“ During my Master's studies at MSB, I had the privilege to earn an excellence scholarship that allowed me to be financially sustainable. It really motivated me to always outperform, with excellent grades and experiences that allowed me to land a job in one of the best pharmaceutical companies in the world.”



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