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LCI professional development workshops have been carefully designed to help you gain a better understanding of soft skills which are essential for success in the modern workplace.

Mastering Soft Skills demonstrates that you understand the different characteristics that will help you succeed within an organization and your specific position.

Our workshops are led by certified and experienced trainers who apply an interactive approach to learning which focuses on communication and active participations.

All our workshops can be customized to suit specific requirements and can be organized in company or at SMU premises.

Corporate Communication :

This workshop covers a range of communication needs and scenarios, from how to communicate during a job interview, pitching investors, speaking one on one, or to large groups, learn body language to support your positive verbal message.

Assertive communication is a critical skill for emerging leaders, new managers and teams that need to become masters of persuasion, assertiveness, and all aspects of business communication. 

Leadership :  

Leadership is the skill of managing, motivating and developing employees and inspiring teams to become high performing and engaged in continuous improvement.

The LCI workshop offers you the opportunity to:

•    Expand your communication capacity to motivate, inspire and empower people.

•    Communicate with a sense of assertiveness, transparency, and self-assurance.

•    How to manage challenging people, give honest feedback and handle criticism.

•    Improve performance

•    Motivate team members

•    Handle successful conflict resolution

Powerful Public Speaking :

Public Speaking is the most important skill you will need to succeed in your professional and personal life. It allows us to form connections, influence decisions, and motivate change as well as enhancing your leadership and communication skills.

You will learn to:

•    Boost your confidence 

•    Improve your communication skills

•    Use Storytelling to make your Public Speaking more impactful

•    Use voice to effect when giving presentations: diction, intonation, rhythm and pacing

•    Structure your speech so that it is effective and impactful

•    Apply tools and strategies to overcome Public Speaking anxiety

From two hours to 10 hours from a half-day to a day-and-a-half… from breakouts to interactive talks to group practice sessions, there’s a format that’s right for your requirements. 

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