Chehir Chehibi


Qualifications: Master’s Degree ESC Finance Tunisia Bachelor’s Degree ISCAE Tunis  Accounting


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  • A specialist of accounting and Financial Engineering. He: - is graduated from ISCAE and did his postgraduate studies at ESC and ISG. - worked as Training Director and Senior Consultant for several institutions with international affiliation. - has an extensive teaching experience (Main topics: Accounting; Auditing; Corporate Finance; Capital markets; Entrepreneurship, Risk Management). - completed and supervised more than 50 research reports and final projects

Areas of Expertise


Yield Curve Estimation: Empirical Evidence from the Tunisian Bond Market. Aziz Chouikh , Rania Yousfi, Chehir Chehibi. Journal of Finance and Economics. 2017, 5(6), 300-309. 

  •  Topics in Finance
  •  Business Research
  •  Business Game
  •  Finance
  •  Financial Accounting
  •  Advanced Coprorate Finance
  •  Fixed Income
  •  Enterprise Risk Management
  •  Rating
  •  Customer Risk Management
  •  Financial Reporting and Firm Valuation
  •  Methods of Financial Analysis
  •  Fixed Income & Derivatives
  •  Financial Mathematics
  •  Cooperate Financial Management
  •  Long Term ans Short Financial Decisions
  •  Financial Mathematics
  •  Cooperate Financial Management
  •  Principles of Finance
  •  Intermediate Accounting
  •  Accounting principles and standards
  •  Case Studies in Accounting
  •  Comparative Accounting systems 
  •  Financial Auditing
  •  Internal Control
  •  Concepts of control
  •  Entrepreneurship and Business plan 
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