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Activities and knowledge acquisition outside the class are very much essential in students’ development. At SMU, Campus life is vibrant with extracurricular activities for our students to discover who they are and find new interests.  
We want to help foster communities to shape and reinforce the environment where students flourish and evolve. SMU offers a range of clubs for every taste, debate, photography, music and many more. Thanks to national and international networks and associations, professional clubs are also put in place to free leadership potential and apply acquired knowledge.  
Participating in clubs can help emancipate our students’ emotional intelligence as well as other invaluable skills.  
SMU encourages its students to give life back to its amphitheaters and classrooms with positive energy, teamwork and creative contributions.  
We want to reinforce that bridge between MSB and MEDTECH students, where entrepreneurial and managerial skills are completed by engineering capabilities to create successful projects.  
The presence of the Student Life Department and professors will help create new relations with students and assist them in their projects and realizations. 

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Dance Club

The Dance club runs workshops and classes in all kinds of dance styles. Professionals and newbies alike are welcome t...

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Music Club

The music club offers students the chance to start bands and practice together depending on their preferred styles.

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Sports Club

As we all know, sports improves mood, gives us the opportunity to push ourselves, promotes good health in body, mind...

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Tunivisions SMU

Club Tunivisions MSB is a journalism club that aims to cover cultural, artistic, and sports activities on and off-cam...

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A group of student entrepreneurs looking to make the world a better place. Enactus has tasted delicious success with...

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Timun SMU

TIMUN is an international initiative that consists of a simulation of the United Nations where students can acquire c...

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Hult Prize

On-campus programs from which teams will be formed to run for the annual Hult Prize competition to win a $1 million c...

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Tuniversal is a club that welcomes international differences and celebrates diversity. Tuniversal is also there to he...

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The World of Gamers is a club that unites all the gamers of the South Mediterranean University. In WOG, students meet...

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Developer Student Club helps students interested in Google developer technologies. Our goal is to create a new ecosys...

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The Association YOUTH CLUB SMU is a Tunisian association that is advocating for a better-quality education in Tunisia...

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This club believes in the uniqueness of each person. The aim is to promote these attributes and put them under the sp...

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The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) at SMU was founded in 2020 by students from MedTech. Its...

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Biker’s District

Biker’s District is the university’s Motorcycling Club. We are a friendly and...

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Libertad SMU

Libertad is radio-

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Bricoart is a club that 

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Lions Club SMU

Lions Club SMU Nation, founded in December 2020, is a place where students at...

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The main activities of the clu...

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Green Legacy

Start and create eco-friendly projects in and out of 

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A non-profit association that works on resolving society issues by providing...

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Spark Club SMU

Spark Club SMU’s main activity is 

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Microsoft Club SMU

MSC is a community-based

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Junior Enterprise

The junior enterprise is a non-profit consulting firm managed 100% by student...

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Comedy zone

Comedy Zone is a fun club, filled with joy and happiness which cr...

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