Nabil Chaabene


Qualifications: Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Virginia Tech, USA May M.S in Applied Mathematics, Virginia Tech, USAJun.Dec Engineering degree in telecommunications, Sup’Com, Tunis


Nabil Chaabane has a PhD in applied Mathematics from Virginia Tech and is a visiting professor at MSB. He worked at Rice University (USA) for 3 years where he collaborated with Total E&P to improve their in-house scientific software used in oil & gas exploration. He also taught mathematics for engineers and data analytics for Business majors.

Areas of Expertise


Nabil Chaabane, Beatrice Riviere, Mikhail Sekachev, Henri Calandra:  A parallelizable sequentialmethod for the Biot system.  Journal of Numerical Analysis, Industrial and Applied Mathematics2018 12:21-34.2.                                      *Nabil Chaabane, Vivette Girault, Charles Puelz, Beatrice Riviere: Convergence of IPDG for coupledNavier Stokes and Darcy equations. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 2017324:25-48.3. 

Nabil Chaabane, Beatrice Riviere: A sequential discontinuous Galerkin method for the coupling offlow and geomechanics. Journal of scientific computing 2018 74 :375-395.4.

Nabil Chaabane, Beatrice Riviere: A splitting-based finite element method for the Biot poroelasticitysystem. Computers & Mathematics with Applications 2018 75:2328-2337.5.

N Chaabane, V Girault, B Riviere, T Thompson: A stable enriched Galerkin element for the Stokesproblem. Applied Numerical Mathematics 2018 132:1-216. *Slimane Adjerid,Nabil Chaabane, Tao Lin, Pengtao Yue:  An immersed finite element method forstokes problems with moving interfaces. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 2019362:540-5597. 

Slimane Adjerid, Nabil Chaabane, Tao Lin: An immersed discontinuous finite element method forstokes   interface   problems.   Computer   Methods   in   Applied   Mechanics   and   Engineering   2015,293:170-190.8. 

Slimane Adjerid, Nabil Chaabane: An improved superconvergence error estimate for the LDGmethod. Applied Numerical Mathematics 2015, 98:122-136.9.

Riadh Abdelfattah, Karem Chokmani, Nabil Chaabane: A specific methodology for atmosphericeffect reduction on SAR interferograms. In Proc. IGARSS 2010: 1637-1640.

  • Business Mathematics2


Awarded the Steeneck fellowship for outstanding performance as a graduate student

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