Salma El Aoud


Qualifications: Doctor’s Degree in Mathematics(PhD) in Algebraat Faculty of Sciences of Tunis Tunisia DE.A.(Master)Certificate of Deep Researchin Algebraat«Faculty of Sciences of Tunis », Tunisia. License of Mathematics(License) at «Faculty of Sciences of Sfax»,Tunisia. University Certificate of Scientific Studies in Mathematics-Physicsat «Faculty of Sciences of Sfax», Tunisia. Professional Experience 2016 to date Permanent Assistantat «ISI: Higher Institut


Salma Elaoud, a Ph. D. in Mathematics, is an assistant Professor of Mathematics at Higher Institute of Computer Science - University Tunis El Manar. She started her research in Algebra field at Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea and then at University of Tennessee, Knoxville in USA. For almost 20 years of teaching experience at different institutions: « ISB: International School of Business », « TBS: Tunis Business School », « ISIMS: Higher Institute of Computer Science and Multimedia », « ISI: Higher Institute of Computer Science », She can cover several courses in Mathematics and Quantitative Methods: Operation Research and Optimization, Linear Programming, Graph Theory and Optimization, Mathematics for Engineer, Mathematics for Business, Analysis and Algebra, Linear Algebra, 2D-3D mesh and visualization, … She is also involved in the network of the International Mathematical Olympiads « IMO» and a member in international committees of mathematical games and competitions.

Areas of Expertise


Research Internship in Mathematic Department in Pohang University of Science and Technology "postech", Pohang South Korea.

Communication "Content Formulas for Power Series rings and its applications on GCD domains". June 2003

Research Internship in Mathematic Department at University of Tennesse, Knoxville, USA. March 2004.

Communication«SFT  Property  and  the  Ring  R((X))»inthe  Southeastregional   meeting   of   the   American   Mathematic   Society,   Tallahassee,Florida, USA. 

Training Session on International Mathematical Olympiadas Training  session  on«  L’Intégration  des  TICE  dans  l’enseignement  desMathématiques», IUFM. March2005

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