Sana Miladi


Qualifications: Ph.D, Paris Institute of Political Science, France Master’s Degree Jointly from ESCP-Paris, ESSEC, Ecole des MINES, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris X University France | Bachelor’s Degree Higher Institute of Accounting and Business Administration of Tunis


  • Holds a PhD in Management from Sciences-Po Paris. She is the Director of the Undergraduate Program in Management and HEC Montreal Program at MSB and the discipline lead of Management. Her teaching experience includes several years of teaching in universities in France and in Tunisia.

Areas of Expertise


Research Interest

Higher Education Policies Management of Universities E-learning Digital Learning

Miladi, S., Ben Dhaou S. (2018). A rationalization perspective of innovation capabilities in public Bureaucracies. Journal of Administrative Sciences and Technology.

Miladi S., Ben Dhaou S. (2017). Rationalization perspective of Innovation on bureaucratic organizations, Journal of Administrative Sciences and Technology. 

Miladi S. (2017). Les enseignants universitaires à l’épreuve du e-learning : Une identité professionnelle à reconstruire ? 29th International Business Management Association (IBIMA2017) Vienna, Austria .

Miladi S., Ben Dhaou S. (2017). Rationalization Perspective on the Sustainability of Education:  Case of E-learning Adoption in French Universities, MIC 2017 Conference Proceedings, Italy .

Miladi S., Mami S. (2017). Employability Perception in the Era of Digital Education, MIC 2017 Conference Proceedings, Italy .

Miladi S., Ben Dhaou S. (2016). Innovation capabilities in the bureaucratic organization: Rationalization perspective, 28th International Business Management Association (IBIMA2016) Seville, Spain .

Miladi S., (2006). Les campus numériques : le paradoxe de l’innovation par les TIC, Distances et Savoirs Vol. 4 n°1, Lavoisier-Hermes.
Miladi S. (2005). L’organisation de l’enseignement en ligne : contraintes et limites, in Actes du Colloque international « L’information Numérique et les enjeux de la société de l’information », Tunis. In « Revue maghrébine de documentation et d’information », N°13-14-15, pp.314-330.

  • Introduction To Management 
  • Management and Leadership 
  • Strategic Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Business Game 

  • Tunisian Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research  Government Excellence Scholarship (Master and PhD)  2002/2005.
  • ESCP-Paris, ESSEC, Ecole des MINES, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris X University , First ranked in 2001-2002 cohort .
  • Higher Institute of Accounting and  Business Administration of Tunis, First ranked in 2000-2001 cohort .
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