Mediterranean School of Business

January 3rd, 2022

Application Deadline

January 31st, 2022

Undergraduate Program of Management (UPM)

Registrar Assistant


The registrar department’s main task is to manage the grades of students enrolled in one of these programs: UPM, HEC, MBM & EMBA.

Main Tasks:

•    Administrative request processing (administrative documents) 

•    Creating student accounts and courses on the system

•    Archiving student files, exam copies, ministry/MSB deliberation PVs 

•    Exams’ logistics (classrooms’ booking, students’ display, exam delivery and retrieval, etc.) 

Qualifications & Experiences: 

•    Minimum degree required: Bac 

•    Minimum years of experience if required: 1+ years of administrative experience preferred

•    Knowledge of Microsoft Office applications (especially Excel)

•    A good level of written English


•    Organization

•    Communication

•    Stress management 

•    Teamwork

For more information, please contact SMU-HR Development Team at this email address:

To apply, please click on this link:  

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