Annual Freshmans' Parents Meetings at SMU

Sep 12 2023 - Sep 14 2023

We were delighted to host the Freshmans' Parents Meeting at SMU, providing the parents of our beloved students with a...


SMU EOF 15th Edition: the Future Of Work

Sep 05 2023 - Sep 29 2023

The Future of Work: the 15th EOF edition theme! Students of both schools MSB and...


15th Edition SMU Entrepreneurs of the Future competition!

Sep 04 2023 - Sep 30 2023

Heartfelt congratulations to all the participants of the 'Entrepreneurs of the Future' competition!


"BIM Fundamentals & Information Management" Seminar

Sep 03 2023 - Sep 29 2023

The Four-Day Seminar Has Ended, But the Journey Continues for Our Full-Time Prog...


MedTech Executive Master BIM & ERP Management : Module 1 by PHD Bilal Succar

Aug 30 2023 - Sep 02 2023

The "BIM Fundamentals and Information Management" Certified Seminar started today!


#SMU2023 Welcoming our Freshmen to the SMU family

Aug 28 2023

It's finally here - the much-awaited first day of school at SMU! 


#SMU2023 Entrepreneurs Of the Future 15th Edition

Aug 28 2023 - Sep 01 2023

Highlights of the first 2 days of ''The Future of Work'' (the theme of this 15th EOF Edition)...


Count down to SMU

Aug 23 2023 - Aug 28 2023


The signing of a new corporate partnership between SMU and Sisal Company

Jul 12 2023 - Sep 29 2023

SMU Career & Alumni Center is pleased to announce and celebrate the s...


Graduation Ceremony, July 12th, MedTech students, MSB Master students, you made it!

Jul 10 2023 - Jul 28 2023

After the UPM graduation, it was MedTech students’ turn as well as MSB Master Graduates to proudly celebrate with fam...


MSB UPM Graduation Ceremony, July 11th, 2023

Jul 08 2023 - Jul 28 2023

MSB UPM Graduation Ceremony, July 11th, 2023 Celebrating ...

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