Arij Ismail

L2 Student

I created my UTM link in order for the Highered staff to keep track of my activities. In fact, each week, a responsible send us the number of users and sessions that each ambassador has reached.  I posted on many groups targeting many students who are seeking an internship or job abroad using my UTM link. I created an Instagram account, and I posted some of the opportunities that you mention every time. Recently I haven't been active, but Stefano introduced me to the virtual job fair and told me to inform you about it. I will send an email to the Career Center to register for the virtual job fair so that students from our university could join.  I want to thank Msb for giving me this opportunity and I hope that I will meet your highest expectations.  


Feriel Oueslati

L3 Student

Before enrolling in SMU, my life was pretty monotonous. All I did was study and go home and I never thought that there was anything beyond the academic. After joining SMU, I learned that studies are very important but not enough, that you had to practice what you learned in their classrooms, that it was primordial to build and shape my soft skills while I had the change so I joined the student life and took a half time job on campus, founded an online magazine for the university, participated in various competitions and even went up for class representative. The reason behind me joining this university is the education they provide and the extracurricular they encourage. You might think that clubs and activities might distract me from my studies. Well, I wouldn’t be so sure because my grades and GPA went up, my confidence as well and my time management was better making me an excellent student but also an even better manager.


Ahmed Ben Amara

Business process consultant @ Henkel

An MSB graduate in Tunisia is always one step ahead from others by acquiring strong communication & soft skills, by leveraging English level, and by going through a program that is up to date with nowadays business management processes and strategies that offers you the flexibility to adapt with a broad range of jobs, and those are the cherries companies in & outside Tunisia are willing to pick



Professor of management, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Addressing the EMBA participants: … When I taught the 04 class in June I realized that there was something special here in Tunis when I walked in at 6.30 P.M. to tell everyone that it was time to go home and they said they wished to stay and complete the exercise. And then seeing you all together 04 and 05 in Djerba, it was even clearer that your appreciation for learning and your creativity to handle new situations was unusual.


Aicha Kallel

MSB Alumna

The undergraduate program at the Mediterranean School of Business has given me so much more than I expected when I first started it in 2016. I’ve learned so much from its highly dedicated and supportive professors. I believe that the skills and knowledge I acquired are the keys to a successful career. During my final year, I went on an exchange semester to IE Business School, Madrid which was an eye-opening experience. Overall, I can say that I am grateful to MSB for providing a wonderful learning environment and a wide range of opportunities for growth.


Mohamed Zrafi

Senior supply chain manager @Bulgin

Staying on the cutting edge of management skills development, receiving a high standard of international education while being in Tunisia, and pursuing professional experience at the same time, is no more living in a cloud cuckoo land.

After about 17 years of professional experience, I have enrolled in the MBA program in MSB. This is undoubtedly an unprecedented opportunity to bring freshness into my engineering and professional background. It supported me in getting more insights and bringing a positive contribution to the company's strategic decisions. Investing in an Executive MBA in MSB is an inspiring experience that will definitely shape future leadership skills. 


Malek El Mufti

HEC Program Student

I graduated from the ISC (International Scholl of Carthage) with honors (14.2/20) in the scientific baccalaureate series. After a sabbatical year where I learned German and other languages and did various training, I heard about the MSB-HEC Montreal partnership. It was for my discovery and I was able, after passing my entrance tests, to integrate the program. From the first year, I was able to establish a large network which, each in its own way, brought me the added value and with whom I shared my experiences. This richness in the sharing of knowledge taught me a lot, whether it was from the inside with the students or from the outside with teachers or characters who came to testify to their "success stories". I was also impressed by the quality of the teachers, some of whom came especially from HEC Montreal to give us classes. The extra-curricular atmosphere is also rich and omnipresent throughout the various clubs that the campus offers. I consider the preparatory year to be very important in order to be at the level required to integrate the North American university system.



Valedictorian Licence 2015

It is with great pleasure that I have learnt about my acceptance at IESEG for a double-degree MSB-IESEG Master program thanks to the partnership between the two universities. My 3-year academic journey at the Mediterranean School of Business allowed me to shape my professional career along with a self-development accomplishment. Now, moving forward with a Master Grande Ecole at IESEG will certainly further strengthen my competencies.



Director of Undergraduate & HEC Montreal 2+2 Programs

Le programme BAA 2+2 MSB – HEC Montréal est une formation d’élite qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de la politique d’excellence de la MSB et de la recherche de partenaires de renommée internationale. La diversité des cultures est un enrichissement aussi bien pour nos étudiants que pour l’équipe MSB. Nous sommes fiers de compter HEC Montréal parmi nos partenaires et souhaitons développer d’autres formes de collaboration avec cette institution pour faciliter à nos étudiants l’accès à des expériences à l’international.


Mehdi Kallel

EMBA (Cohort 2010)

With an engineering background and after 10 years working for the ASSAD Group at various managerial positions, I decided to go for an Executive MBA at MSB in 2010. It was a great experience that helped me better understand the different aspects of the business and be more focused on the opportunities to develop. Today, 10 years later, I am managing 3 subsidiaries within the ASSAD Group in a new business line that we developed to diversify our activity. Thank you MSB Team for your contribution to boosting my career. 



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