Ezzedine Fitouri

EMBA 2018

The executive education program at MSB offers a unique learning journey. A  state of the art education at all levels with great content. The two years was a really great experience for me, and far beyond my expectations. The program  not only leveraged my technical skills , but also fundamentally  changed my approach and thinking towards business. The diversity of people from different industries gave me tremendous inspiration and insight. Thanks to this program, I have been able to move forward in my career  and aspirations.


Lobna Feki


EMBA is more than an educational experience. I enjoyed  the high level professors, the administrative staff professionalism and the SMU university atmosphere. It was a great  opportunity to upgrade my leadership and communication skills and showed me new ways of critical thinking. The EMBA was above my initial expectations as it combines theory with real life business cases. So, I felt confident to take the next step in my career. I recommend EMBA not only to executives but also to every ambitious manager. I’m honoured to be a member of EMBA alumni.


Sami Meksi


The click of change in Career. 

The experience began in 2009 with an executive MBA, a come back to school 16 years after my Bachelor Degree in accounting management, feeling annoyed with routine at work, I registered for an Executive MBA program at the South Mediterranean University, and the click has come.  

10 years after graduation, I believe that the EMBA Diploma is the origin of my career evolution.  

I still remember my excitement at the end of every module, when back to work I put into practice every learning course, it’s a strong feeling of getting solutions for every problem, I feel armed with all the tools to overcome difficulties at work. 

The experience with SMU did not stop at this level, as I participated in all executive trainings on the campus and encouraged my collaborators to take part every time the topic corresponds to their profile. Each training has its invaluable added value. 

As a manager, I took advantage in developing valuable projects for my company realized by students on the occasion of the end of study projects.  

However, as a jury member for students final projects in Master program, I certify the high quality education that guarantee graduated students to be a valuable asset for companies.  

With a parent cap, I feel a special pleasure and honor to see my son graduated from the South Mediterranean University and actually running his own business.  

Actually I’m member of the board and president of the Alumni association, we believe that we are a stakeholder in the SMU environment with responsibilities to prepare, guide, and mentor our futur Alumni for the job market needs and changes. 


Thankful SMU 




I will never thank enough Mrs. Mouna Ben Halima and the Badira hotel for embarking me in the Executive MBA program of MSB! It is indeed a life changing experience!  

During the two years of the program, I acquired new tools of Management and improved my managerial skills thanks to the world renowned faculty members and the rich program curriculum. Moreover, the Networking with the SMU community helped me a lot in creating new business opportunities!  

Following the graduation, I was appointed Executive Director of the Badira Hotel.  

The EMBA experience is a memorable one and I highly recommend it for all professionals seeking to boost their career." 


Ahmed ben Amara 

(UPM 2011 MBM 2014) OM alumni

An MSB graduate in Tunisia is always one step ahead from others by acquiring strong communication & soft skills, by leveraging English level, and by going through a program that is up to date with nowadays business management processes and strategies that offers you flexibility to adapt with broad range of jobs, and those are the cherries companies in & outside Tunisia are willing to pick!


Hamadi Asli

(UPM 2014 MBM 2018) FIN

Having been a 100% MSB student allowed me to get the full SMU experience. During my 5-year journey, courses were provided by world-class Tunisian researchers and inspiring visiting professors in a collaborative and revolutionary format. The university abounds of uplifting people — staff and students alike — with whom you get to hone your “people skills”, and thus be ready to tackle business issues one’s will be facing in the professional world. As a financial consultant at Deloitte, the course material provided proved to be essential in solving modern issues faced by Tunisian and foreign companies we work with, whether in strategic management or corporate finance.


Tesnim ben Slama

(UPM 2015 MBM 2018) OM

The five-year experience at the MSB (Mediterranean School of Business) was a turning point in my life. 

 It was so fruitful at both scientific and human levels.  

There I acquired lots of knowledge and skills that have greatly enriched my scientific background and paved the way to professional life in a smooth way.  

It was also a golden chance to mix with others and learn from them. In fact, I gained so many communicative skills from that experience.  

MSB was not just a place of study. It was a hive full of life in its broad meaning.  

MSB is more than an educational experience and the best is to make friends for life.


Raouia Zorai

( UPM 2015 MBM 2018) OM Alumni

When I reflect on my five years in the Mediterranean School of Business (Undergraduate and MBM program), I conclude that this experience prepared me well to face the business world, and to prepare for my professional path.        

As expected, the very good professors teaching us and the exclusive culture of leadership, entrepreneurship, management and communication that prevailed impacted me a lot. 

Studying at the MSB gives you a very realistic overview of professional life through the theoretical but also several practical courses, workshops...                    

As a young businessperson, I had the opportunity to be hired very quickly after graduating from a position that met my expectations. 

And was also aligned with all the knowledge and skills that I acquired during my studies. 

Overall, MSB made me grow personally and professionally.  


Youssef Blagui

(UPM 2012 MBM 2015) Finance Alumni

MSB is not just a simple business school where you are prepared to the professional world and benefit from a great curriculum.  

It is an experience of a lifetime that opens the doors of success to its students and makes them adapt in a constantly changing environment.  

My journey with MSB lasted 5 full years starting with a license in Business Administration, engaging in as a master’s degree in finance to close the adventure with a unique research paper publication in the Journal of Finance and Accounting.  

At MSB, you acquire soft skills, you experience self-development, and you develop your creativity and team spirit in unexpected ways.  

This enabled me to take an impactful step in the consulting world, where I am gaining expertise day after day at WEVIOO.  

If you are turned towards the future, take the direction of MSB.


Sami Meksi

EMBA alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2017

The click of change in Career.

The experience began in 2009 with an executive MBA, a come back to school 16 years after my Bachelor Degree in accounting management, feeling annoyed with routine at work, I registered for an Executive MBA program at the South Mediterranean University, and the click has come. 

10 years after graduation, I believe that the EMBA Diploma is the origin of my career evolution. 

I still remember my excitement at the end of every module, when back to work I put into practice every learning course, it’s a strong feeling of getting solutions for every problem, I feel armed with all the tools to overcome difficulties at work.

The experience with SMU did not stop at this level, as I participated in all executive trainings on the campus and encouraged my collaborators to take part every time the topic corresponds to their profile. Each training has its invaluable added value.

As a manager, I took advantage in developing valuable projects for my company realized by students on the occasion of the end of study projects. 

However, as a jury member for students final projects in Master program, I certify the high quality education that guarantee graduated students to be a valuable asset for companies. 

With a parent cap, I feel a special pleasure and honor to see my son graduated from the South Mediterranean University and actually running his own business. 

Actually I’m member of the board and president of the Alumni association, we believe that we are a stakeholder in the SMU environment with responsibilities to prepare, guide, and mentor our futur Alumni for the job market needs and changes.


Thankful SMU

Ahmed Sami Meksi SSA President 2020-2022



EMBA alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2017

"A career elevator that always moves in the same direction, always upwards" This is how I define "MSB".  

From the first steps, the ascent to heaven begins with the acquisition of invaluable knowledge.  

After two years of executive MBA at MSB, I developed my skills in management, communication and business market analysis which allowed me to see many business and friendship opportunities.  

As an immediate result of this experience, I was promoted to a more important position in my organization. A position with more responsibilities and challenges that I manage with more efficiency.  

MSB journey is a life changing experience.  

Thank you "MSB"! 


Aymen mattout

EMBA alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2016

The MSB experience is more than knowledge acquirement! 

When I decided to join the executive MBA program, my main objective was to enhance my skills in different management's aspects. 

The out-put has exceeded far all my expectations and hopes; I understood the real meaning of synergy. 

How you combine your strength to your colleagues’ ones you get outstanding results and innovative ideas.

MSB will carry you to the level where you will understand that the human being is the most important asset… Once you act in this direction be sure that success is your only option!


Norchen Mezni

(MBM Alumni 2016) Marketing

I was able to obtain leadership skills which allowed me to become the entrepreneur I always wanted to be and pushed me to take risks.

Having the will to always undertake new responsibilities, I grew to value challenges.

Even though I had to face obstacles that taught me not to give up, I learned to adapt and change my course of actions thus, MSB has positively impacted me to develop my entrepreneurial skills and mindset through the enriching academic curriculum.

As a result, I have become self-employed, and I have developed my own projects.


Mahdi Abdelly

(M2 student 2020) OM

I feel very proud to be one of the MSB family. 

Over the last two years MSB gave me an incredible amount of knowledge:  management foundation, Business areas like finance, marketing and a deep learning in Supply chain and operations managements. 

I also developed leadership and communication skills.

Thanks to this master's, I managed to get a new position in my company to apply all what I learned and contribute to the continuous improvement of my company.


Fatma yeddes

(MBM Alumni entrepreneur Testimonial 2019)OM

Certainly, it was not easy to keep my breath for two and a half years without holidays, neither to study something that totally turns from my first field of work and finally to study English while being French speaking in the first place. 

But success is always proof of will, ambition and perseverance. 

The result is more than a diploma to add to my CV. 

I have acquired new knowledge, skills, and qualities. 

I have made friends for life and know teachers from all over the world with a lot of knowledge and am ready to help at any time. 

I cannot believe that this journey has ended, and another chapter of my life emerged. 

Founding my own startup and applying what I learnt was a challenge that I am taking till now.


Rania yacoubi

(MBM Alumni Testimonial 2019)OM

In all Honestly, finding jobs and internships while being a student from Mediterranean School of Business is not that hard. The school’s reputation played a key role in allowing me to land the professional experiences that I had.

My summer internship at Deloitte is the best one I have had. Working in the financial advisory department was quite challenging for me but I had appropriate background knowledge acquired from MSB, as well as the support and guidance of the professors and faculty members. 

Other than technical knowledge, the school emphasizes soft skills and personality development, which really come in handy afterwards. 

I will forever cherish the wonderful memories I have had at MSB, as well as the endless lessons I have learnt. 

I am currently a Project Management Officer- PMO at ENTRAC International, subsidiary of EPPM (find link below), both based at LAC 2, since September. 

ENTRAC is an international engineering, trading and consultancy company, founded in 2006 (I guess) and is specialized in the exportation of machinery and equipment in the Oil & Gas fields.

EPPM (société mère) is an engineering, procurement, and project management company, dealing with projects in the Oil & Gas, Water Treatment, and Industry fields (mostly OIL projects). EPPM is a Tunisian company but grew to become a multinational, with numerous branches in Angola, Algeria… It is currently signing a deal with Saudi Arabian Oil Company ARAMCO. 

I also worked at a startup called Go My code, during the summer, right after my end-of-studies internship at KPMG.


Amina Saddoud

Alumna FIN

I am Amina Saddoud an MSB Alumnus. 

My journey was fantastic and full of great experiences and challenges. The most enjoyable experience of this program is when I had the opportunity to meet with professionals, employers and highly qualified national and international professors.This gave me the chance to research many studies pertaining to various aspects of business. In addition to that, MSB opened me up to sheer breadth of the industry thanks to its large network and the internship opportunities that it offers. As an MSB student, I feel really comfortable while entering the professional world as I was really prepared for it during my studies. Mediterranean School of Business gave me a clear idea of what I would face when I apply for internships and graduate jobs.


Hedi Baccouche

Alumnus Finance

I am an M2 student specializing in Corporate Finance, and last summer I had an internship within a brokerage firm. 

Despite the precision of the concepts we are studying, life is not that predictable, and it will throw you into many situations that you’ve never seen between the walls of a classroom. 

During the month of my internship, I have seen how the concepts that we learn to value firms and make predictions on stocks can be completely useless, and in those moments, I learned to adapt, ask busy people to mentor, learn new ways to do things and for me this is what internships are for.

That is why, in my opinion, the difference between an excellent financial analyst and a mediocre one is how one can deal with these improbable scenarios. 

The skill to do so comes from the quality and quantity of your professional experiences, experiences that SMU and the Career Center are constantly working to provide us.


Fatma Ayachi

(MBM Alumna Testimonial 2017) FIN

I am proud to be an MSB alumna, I completed my master's degree in finance in 2017. 

The program was multifaceted, and I gained in-depth knowledge in the Equity/Valuation field, which is my current field of expertise. 

The curriculum and the teaching methods paved the way for a strong entry into the job market. 

I was offered a position at Oddo BHF before my graduation. 

The classes, the teamwork, and the different assignments contributed to mastering skills that are essential for any future job, especially in the finance discipline.

 MSB also offers opportunities of growth for its students, I was awarded a scholarship to sit for the CFA level 1 which I successfully passed. 

My two years at MSB have been enriching and will surely still be my anchor in any future professional endeavor.


Salma Kasbi

(MBM Alumna Testimonial 2020) FIN

Before this adventure, although I studied medical science and was an active physiotherapist, I came to notice that this field was not the right one for me as it did not fulfil my expectations. 

The moment I decided to enrol in SMU's MBM program, I doubtlessly knew it was a great challenge for me considering I come from a different background.

However, throughout this experience, I learned that one should face such challenges and grow with them. 

The MBM program made me acquire a big passion in the Finance field.

Its diverse courses and professors kept pushing my boundaries and encouraged me to devote myself to expanding my knowledge and skills, to strive for and reach all my goals and achieve what I really favour. 

MSB taught me that everything is possible if I believe, be dedicated, and work hard. 

Today I hold a master's degree in Finance, and I have never been proud of this choice.


Hakim Montacer

(MBM Alumnus Testimonial 2018) Finance

"MSB, a nice gateway for organized thinking"

Students' life at SMU made me stronger & took me a step ahead for being an independent consultant at PWC.

 I am thankful to all the teachers who supported us and corrected us throughout our Masters. 

Through the efforts made at MSB in terms of multiple projects tight deadlines, I was able to acquire strong time management, precious skill in the Consulting field.


Iskander atrous

( MBM Alumnus entrepreneur Testimonial 2019)Finance

Being a young entrepreneur with a strong background is an advantage for every student who wants to start his own project. 

Having an undergraduate degree from HEC and a professional experience in different sectors, I chose MSB for a master's in business management to build my entrepreneurial career and shape my skills in terms of management and strategy, taking into consideration on how to create my own brand for a long-term reputation and be a leader in the market. 

Although the opportunities that I must work in consultancy and the finance market I chose to follow my high expectations and take my own path as what I have learned from MSB make me comfortable and confident.

My first project was launched hoping that others will be sooner realised. 

 I advise every young dreamer of a bright career to join MSB and live the experience, today the world needs entrepreneurs more than ever.


Adam Chebbi

(MBM Alumnus entrepreneur 2016) BA Co-Founder & CEO of Vynd

I co-founded my startup, Vynd, while I was still a student at MSB, therefore I did my final studies’ project within my company. 

At that time, the idea of starting my own business at an early age seemed like a dead-end for some and courageous decision for others. But for me, it was the normal path I was born for.

Entrepreneurship has always been a passion for me. We live in a continuously changing environment where entrepreneurs are leading actors. They are in the front row to recognize gaps and make a drastic change. 

Through vision and perseverance, entrepreneurs enhance their environment, take initiatives, and help countries to thrive. They employ people and change their lives. They are leaders and hope providers. They are the wealth of every country and the pride of every nation. 

This belief has always been my mantra and the reason that kept me pushing forward. 

Today, Vynd became one of the most well-known and funded startups in Tunisia. 

It changed the lives of a hundred thousand users and helped hundreds of restaurants. 

It employs more than twenty dreamers and is planning to expand outside the country.


Oussama Mabrouki

(MBM Alumnus testimonial 2019)BA

Looking back on my experience as a master’s in Business Analytics student at MSB and currently as a Business/Data Analyst, I can see the program’s effect on my career on many levels. 

As analytics professionals, MSB did not only provide us with state-of-the-art knowledge and techniques transmitted from highly qualified national and international faculty, but also enabled us to become efficient team players, communicators, and future decision makers. 

MSB also pushes their students to tap more into their potential, by offering innovative pedagogical approaches and high-end facilities. 

I highly recommend partaking the MSB master’s degree and i believe that its benefits are to be reaped for far longer than the 2-year duration of the program.


Mohamed Hamza Badr

(MBM Alumnus Testimonial 2019)BA

First, I wanted to inform you that I will start my professional career next week in BIAT as a business analyst.

I had the honor of participating in your MSB' master's degree.

This training allowed me to consolidate my knowledge and confirm my passion for the field of Business Analytics. 

I wanted to thank you for your enriching contribution at the beginning of my career.

From now on, I am convinced to orient myself in the sector that suits me. 

I also thank you for the warm welcome I received, but also for your advice, your patience, and your professionalism. 

This experience was rewarding and will necessarily help me excel throughout my career.


Amira Jeribi

(MBM/Marketing M2 student testimonial 2019)

When I first joined MSB, I was hoping to learn more about business, develop my English and to build a network.

All my expectations were exceeded.  

MSB had a great impact on my professional and personal growth.

During the two years of master program, we were led through a series of courses which examine the business from theoretical and practical perspectives to help me find my way to entrepreneurial life. 

As a young entrepreneur, having my own company, I can say that MSB helped me to focus on what interested me most and gave me countless opportunities to take the next steps in my career by receiving personal guidance from dedicated professors."



Wadii Ghourabi

(MBM/BA student testimonial 2019)

“Throughout my 2 years of master's in business analytics, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical and practical skills to tackle contemporary business challenges, which allowed me to apply theoretical lecture material in a real-life scenario and present the key implications to stakeholders. Not only did this solidify my learning and shape a truly data-analytical mindset, the group work setting also challenged my communication and leadership skills, going beyond pure academia. 

Now, as a senior business analyst at Vermeg, I make use of all the skills that I have developed at MSB, demonstrating the course’s value in driving business analysis from the increasing amounts of data that businesses hold about their operations and customers.”


Fatma Dehman

(MBM/MKT student Testimonial 2019)

I did a one-month summer internship at the strategy department of PwC Tunisia. 

It was an opportunity to apply the business concepts that I learned during M1. It was easy for me to understand the tasks assigned to me. Thanks to the extensive knowledge I acquired from MSB courses, I was able to have a certain autonomy during the internship. The methodology of teaching at MSB enabled me to manage work pressure and time constraints in an effective manner. The internship on the other hand offered me the opportunity to apply theoretical concepts and see the industry perspective. Regarding my professional career, I plan to have experience in the retail industry and aim to reach a marketing manager position. 


Dorra Yaacoubi

(UPM student 2022)

Being a student at SMU University is an amazing opportunity. This experience has changed my whole perspective on the business world.  It made me learn a lot both on a personal level thanks to the extremely active student life and on an academic level thanks to a rich and inclusive curriculum. Therefore, allowing me to be ready to embark on a professional with confidence. "


Ahmed bouzguenda

(UPM student 2021) 26/06/2020

When I first started studying at MSB, I've been impressed by the quality of teaching. 

Not only because we have excellent professors like Chehir Chehibi or Wided Hemissi just to name a few. But also, because the administration constantly collects feedback from SMU students to always improve and optimize its programs.

Also, now that I've been an MSB student for some semesters, I have discovered the professionalism of SMU's Career Center Department as well. 

They manage to provide us with the best jobs and internship opportunities. It's sure one of the most important strengths of MSB / SMU!


Ines Haj Romdhane

(UPM student 2021) EFMD Ambassador 01/06/2020

Throughout my studies at MSB I had the opportunity to meet many incredible people. Since my first year I have already been part of the student life community and Enactus SMU. I was also one of the founders of the Lions Club and became one of the ambassadors of the EFMD Platform Highered. These volunteering experiences helped me learn many new skills.  In my second year I became the student life coordinator at MSB, this job is an amazing experience as it helped me grow and become more organized in my studies. Thanks to MSB I had the opportunity to participate and co-organize many hackathons, one of them was the biggest one in Africa AI HACK. This hackathon was one of the best experiences in my life as I had the opportunity to meet many people from Google Mena that have always inspired me. When I first joined MSB, I would have never thought that I would be able to do all of this, I always thought that I was more up for engineering studies. But with time I saw the potential of a business student in me. Thanks to the professors and the amazing community we have here I even got the chance to start and become the project manager of a sustainable clothing line with Enactus. II will forever be thankful.

One piece of advice I can give is to always believe that you are capable of more, that’s the key to success.

I had the opportunity to discover public speaking in Enactus, as well as communication and event organizing with student life.


Feriel Oueslati

(UPM student 2021)

Before enrolling in SMU, my life was monotonous. All I did was study and go home and I never thought that there was anything beyond academics. After joining SMU, I learned that studies are very important but not enough, that you had to practice what you learned in their classrooms, that it was primordial to build and shape my soft skills while i had the change, so I joined the student life and took a half time job on campus, founded an online magazine for the university, participated in various competitions and even went up for class representative. The reason behind me joining this university is the education they provide and the extracurricular activities they encourage. You might think that clubs and activities might distract me from my studies. Well, I wouldn’t be so sure because my grades and GPA went up, my confidence as well and my time management was better, making me an excellent student but also an even better manager.


Tahar sellami

(UPM student 2021)

I was torn between choosing MSB and another college to enroll in. What attracted me to considering MSB is its exchange program framework, and the college's recognition for world-class business education. It was certainly a decision I do not regret. The courses offered were distinctive and relevant, the facilities were adapted to meet the curricular and recreational needs of the students and the professors were brilliant! There was a great deal of knowledge to be gained from them and as well as my peers from around the globe. The career center was particularly of great help, organizing job fairs, providing numerous internship opportunities and even arranging company visits that were very relevant to what I studied in theory and I was able to further witness how major businesses are run in Tunisia. No day is similar to the other in SMU and the possibilities to partake in activities both in and out of university are incessant mainly due to the student life department. Furthermore, I engage in social, career-oriented and educational activities and gatherings, building connections including friendships for a lifetime and making my time in SMU truly unforgettable.


Eya Karray

(UPM Student 2021) UPM

Choosing a university was the hardest choice in my life but picking MSB was the best choice I have ever made. It’s a wonderful experience, my life at South Mediterranean university made me stronger and took me a step ahead to be an independent woman. MSB is a place where you learn while having fun, discover new cultures, lore, meet different kind of people through clubs… I am thankful to all the teachers who supported me and the faculty members who are always ready to help. 

This university brought an added value to my life, and helped me find myself. 


Fares Lamine

(UPM student testimonial 2020) Management

I had my last internship in a leading brokerage firm. The theoretical knowledge I acquired in MSB helped me understand the financial market and take part of the firm´s projects comfortably. The SMU career center offered me this opportunity, but more importantly, it made sure that I am constantly being assigned interesting tasks and it monitored my progress all through the internship.


Ehab Khaizaran

(UPM student Testimonial 2020) Finance

Having no professional experience previously, I was excited to start my first internship working with the marketing manager in Masmoudi distribution. As a foreign student this enabled me to be able to interact with many people in a professional work environment and to learn from them, discover areas in Tunisia that I have never imagined I would go to such as the public library of statistics. Even though I had no experience, my manager believed in my potential. This boosted my self confidence in terms of my work capabilities. That is all thanks to SMU’s career center. Even when I lacked certain skills, I sought help with my professors, and they were more than capable and willing to help me gain and polish those skills.


Eya hsairi

(UPM /MKT student Testimonial 2020)

For my internship at NewTech International, I worked in the marketing department and led their rebranding project. 

Working at NewTech INT proved to be a great opportunity to be introduced to the world of Cyber and data Security.

Although my knowledge of the industry was limited, being part of the SMU allowed me to reach out to the existing network of engineering students, at the Mediterranean Institute of Technology. 

This network was especially helpful during the process of market research which enabled me to easily navigate the new flow of information received.

My marketing studies at MSB provided me with the basic knowledge to carry on this project. 

However, my communications with my professors served as a catalyzer for my progress, especially in the limited amount of time I had.

Part of my duties was to, also, provide the HR resources the project needed, from graphic designers to web developers, I was able to precure all the necessary profiles from the diverse pool that I acquired throughout the years.

During my time at NewTech INT, I had the opportunity to apply my academic and professional skillset. Along with becoming acquainted with the IT industry, which gave me a little taste of what I wanted to do in the future; to become a software developer. 

A combination of the latter as well as the different skills and experiences I acquired during my time at SMU fits the versatile professional I would like to become.



(UPM alumni 2014) Management

"Attending MSB has been my primary goal since high school as I aimed to pursue an international career in Management. Comparatively, MSB proved to be the best fit to achieve that goal. I must say that I was happily surprised by the first months in MSB, as I honestly did not expect that the quality of the courses and the pedagogy of the professors would be that high and that good. They exceeded my expectations!

Indeed, MSB is not your regular business school that exclusively offers management courses and sticks to the traditional teaching methods and syllabus content. It offers unique opportunities and experiences on several levels, namely volunteering work, summer school and exchanges programs, team building, creativity, and problem-solving experiences to name a few.

I am most grateful to many of the MSB professors that designed an impressive curriculum that later allowed me to qualify and apply to quality universities all over the world. I finally chose to pursue two master’s degrees in business administration and international relations in Geneva, Switzerland as I was deeply impacted by what we have learnt in some courses, namely human rights, ethics, and politics. Today, I work as an international consultant in research and market linkages in a United Nations/World Trade Organization trade development agency, for which I still use skills and lessons taught to me by MSB professors".


Oussama Zouaoui

(UPM Alumni cohort 2017) management

I want to express my sincere gratitude for all the efforts and contribution made by every MSB stuff member during those 3 academic years. I appreciated a lot the way in which you listen to your students and how serious you take feedbacks and claims. The MSB experience contributed heavily on developing my soft skills as well as my hard skills thanks to the highly qualified professors, that i will be always grateful ,by creating an atmosphere that push up students toward hardwork.

Again , thank you for the efforts and time spent to be part of the success of your students.


Amina El Abed

(UPM Alumni 2013) management

I graduated from MSB back in 2013. My last exam day was also my first workday!! I was recruited by Poulina Group Holding and went on to become, at 23 years old, one of their youngest managers, occupying the role of Regional Controller in China. I am now almost 31 and have already had a very rich and diversified international career which included a failed export company in Hong Kong. Absolutely no regrets and more laughter than tears! I earned another degree, in Diplomacy from the University of Birmingham, which I did for myself - food for the soul - all the while striving to earn more contracts and clients. This was before finally settling back in Tunisia and opening my strategic communications advisory firm Impart Peace, with clients spreading on 3 continents and ranging from governmental institutions to international organizations. I love every bit of what I do and having now established Impart Peace, I am venturing into new horizons and drawing on my business background through my MSB education which lays a good foundation and is facilitating and reassuring for my business partner. I cannot wait to share what we are working on when the time comes!


Ahmed chaibi

(UPM Alumni 2019) management

The Mediterranean School of Business has had a huge impact on not only my education but also on my perspective on the business world. 

Through its detailed courses and the professors and staff guidance that had a major Impact through both the UPM program and its courses and my professional and even personal life. 

It has helped me throughout my career in starting my own business and maintaining it and reaching my career goals.


Ahmed Jamoussi

( UPM Alumni 2014)Management

It all started back in September 2011 when I had the chance and the privilege to join MSB for a License degree. Three years later and after my graduation, I decided to pursue a Master in Operations Management. Just after completing all the required courses in the OM specialization, I caught a great opportunity to conduct a Research Internship in the United States and more specifically in the Industrial Engineering and Management Department of Oklahoma State University. Indeed, I wrote a chapter with the assistance of my adviser about Facilities Design and Planning related to different topics in Logistics and Supply Chain Management published in the book called The Routledge Companion to Production and Operations Management. 

Back in Tunisia, I was hired at Elektron, a multinational company, where I conducted my Final Internship Project. From the industry sector where I had the opportunity to apply what I have learned in Operations, I moved to Accompany Consulting. In this company, acting mainly in Banking and Insurance, I used my knowledge in Strategy, Operations, Technology, Risk, Control and Digitalization.

This second experience helped me narrow my interest: Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence coupled with Digital Transformation. Therefore, I moved to Devoteam, a consulting firm that delivers Innovative Technology services for businesses. 


Aziz Bouhageb

(UPM alumni 2018) Management

The MSB path was a turning point in my life. During my LBA, I was able to gain significant knowledge thanks to reel ongoing case studies, supporting me to shape a global perspective on current business practices and trends, as well as enhancing my soft skills thanks to interactive sessions and presentations. Apart from that, many conferences were organized internally on a weekly basis, helping me extend my network and learn fundamental tools on the professional life which I like to re-call the jungle (one of my favorite professor´ expression). In retrospect, I am grateful for joining MSB and SMU Community as it opened noteworthy doors for the future.


Ines soyah

(UPM alumni 2018)Management

" I graduated from MSB with a License in Management. I recently had the chance to launch my business, which is an e-commerce that encourages responsible shopping. I would never have been able to do so and achieve what i am achieving right now without the knowledge and skills I have acquired at university. The courses that we had were so relevant to real life and real issues, that somehow, I felt familiar with the solutions."


Zeineb besbes

(UPM alumni 2019) SMU Alumni Association/Management

I have been working in the SMU Alumni Association for a couple of months now and I am happy about what I have learned so far. I was able to meet and work with a few of the SMU Alumni about different projects and I have learned all about their success stories. Also, this allowed me to expand my network thanks to the fact that we work in a close collaboration with the Career center. I have worked on different projects, to engage and involve our Alumni in different ways. I was responsible of the implementation of effective communication and development activities, special events and projects, and Alumni Ambassadors programs. I also communicated and interacted with the SMU staff and students and most importantly Alumni to build a beneficial relation between different stakeholders. I worked also on improving the services provided by the Alumni Association and what helped me the most is being an Alumna as I was able to understand the needs and wants of the Alumni to strengthen the links between the SMU and the Alumni and to always keep them part of the SMU community. To finish off, the team/ staff that I worked with are very supportive and helpful.  They are always making all the resources needed available for the Association to make the work as smooth as possible.


Youssef Meksi

(UPM Alumni 2019) Management

From the beginning I knew that studying at MSB would be special. I have met wonderful people, friends, professors, and faculty. Many have had a great impact on me. Somehow my business administration studies have brought me closer to my arts. MSB taught me to navigate between my business side and my artistic side. To me both are equally important. Well maybe one is a bit more important than the other but hey, let’s just pretend for a while since this is going in SMU’s catalog. All jokes aside, my journey in MSB was fulfilling and fruitful. Therefore, as soon as I graduated, I was able to launch my carpooling startup and my first music album. 


Nizar braham

(UPM Alumni 2020) Management

The Mediterranean School of Business offers a multidisciplinary program adapted to the dynamic economic environment in which a highly qualified teaching staff supports you in developing new skills and an administration that helps you whenever you need. 

Thanks to MSB, I was able to acquire new tools and techniques to adapt to a constantly changing market, which is an advantage that I consider precious and necessary to have an important place in the modern world. 

Having lived the MSB experience was for me an honor and an excellent opportunity to learn new things that help me today in my professional career.


Siwar ben Sassi

( UPM Alumni Testimonial 2018)Marketing

One of the greatest choices of my life is choosing MSB for my License degree. 

From my school, I did not only gain technical skills, but also real-life experience.

MSB provided me with a very rich and qualified background that I am still using in my postgraduate studies in competition with students coming from different highly ranked universities worldwide. 

Now I am pursuing my Master Studies at one the best ranked schools in France thanks to the opportunities the MSB gave me with its different partners.


Skander ben Sassi

(UPM alumni 2019) Marketing

In my last year as an undergraduate at MSB, I hesitated for a long time whether to continue studying or to jump in the professional world straight away. Through extended discussions with faculty members and many conferences held at MSB I finally find my path by creating my company. I just obtained the Startup Act Label, there is still a long way to go but I am optimistic and confident about the future.


Mohamed Rafik Triki

(UPM Alumni 2019) Marketing

I am Mohamed Rafik Triki, 22 years old, graduated from SMU in 2019, had an internship with the communication department in the administration of SMU which was very beneficial for me to know more about design, formal communication, retro-planning, events management etc... 

I went to the United States for the pursue of my path, I joined Stratford University in October 2019 and I just graduated this month with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, I missed some credits to apply for Master`s so I am done with it. 

I was rewarded 2 times for the last 2 terms with the President list award after having an "A" or 4.00 out of 4.00 as GPA. I also got certificates from LinkedIn e-learning platforms on social media, marketing and communication and business development topics. 

I am now going for Master`s degree in MIS Management Information Systems as I believe it is so important to combine both worlds, IT and Business together.

I also had a small career at work, I started with an administrative assistant of Stratford University as an international student worker and I worked on many projects in several offices regarding registrar, communication, student life, admission and international student offices.

Then, I was chosen to be the primary assistant of the president of one of 4 campuses that belongs to Stratford University where I was working on files that are highly classified, councils and heads of departments.  

Lately, I was assigned to take care of all the administrative and important projects for the Vice President of Stratford University head administration, collaborating with doctors, managers and highly skilled and experienced people who are very inspiring.

I also made a promotional video of the university talking about my experience as an international student here and working on many other campaigns and advertisements related to the organization I am working for.

People are impressed by the work I am doing as they express and announce it and I would always give credits to MSB for enhancing my growth as a person and for helping me have a profile that would add value to other organizations.

I am working on projects that would give opportunities to students from SMU to continue their studies here in the U.S.A and a partnership between both institutions.


Meryem masmoudi

UPM alumni 2017 Finance

I am currently finishing my Master of Science in Innovation Management, Entrepreneurship and Sustainability at the Technical University of Berlin. I am also studying 1 semester at the Technical University of Valparaíso, Chile. In terms of professional experience, I have worked for 1 year and a half as a research assistant in International Economics at ESCP Berlin and am currently working as a Business Development Manager in a biotechnology company also in Berlin.

Regarding my text, kindly let me know if it meets your expectations.

I graduated from MSB in 2017 with a major in Finance. The university provided me with the support system and values that I needed to pursue a degree abroad. During those years, MSB was very open to new ideas such as the creation of the innovation lab and founding Enactus SMU in which I took part, respectively. We had the opportunity to work closely with the faculty members and professors and were always encouraged to initiate, create and dream. This enabled me to grow with an entrepreneurial mindset and a go-getter attitude that I have always kept and that are beneficial for my current job and master's degree. MSB also cared about my academic evolution and awarded me with a merit scholarship that encouraged me to work harder and dream bigger. It is a university that gives you the tools and the support system that you need in any working environment and studies. As a student you have to take advantage of them as they will enable you to face challenges and experiences that you might undertake at home or abroad."


Nour Jait

UPM alumni class 2019 Finance

« I was enrolled in the UPM program at MSB and graduated in 2019 with a diploma in Business Administration, majoring in Finance. Afterwards, I decided to pursue my master's in international business at IESEG School of Management, in Paris. Both experiences made me see things big and want to work in multiple and diverse environments and cultures (in this case, in multinational firms and more specifically, in a Big Four). As a result, now, I am doing a 6-month internship in Audit at Deloitte Luxembourg. 

Finally, I am very honored to represent SMU as well as my country abroad and I will be more than happy to share my experiences with current SMU students and help them in their future academic and career choices. »


Sahar Krichen

UPM Alumni Testimonial 2019 Finance

I am currently enrolled in a master’s program at INSA business school in Barcelona, Spain.

 Earning a bachelor’s degree from the Mediterranean school of business opened the doors for international studies thanks to its 100% English curriculum, with English being the business language. The background of MSB’s students is very rich in terms of material studied; finance, management, marketing, entrepreneurial courses, history …  which in return, in addition to the international reach, gave me a wider range of fields to choose from. Some graduates choose to pursue master’s studies, others to start working, I chose both. 

I chose a less heavy master’s program, night hours, so that I can start my long-term internship here in Barcelona. Going through many interviews, I found myself able to discuss technical terms with employers and to show my background in the skills required for the positions. 

The effort exerted by SMU in offering internship opportunities to students via email is important and beneficial because professional experience is what is going to make a difference between one graduate and another when being recruited.


Souheil Ben Abdallah

EMBA alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2010

The last two years have been very rich in activities carried out and efforts to reposition the SMU Alumni Association and raise the  brand and awareness among the SMU University staff and Alumni and bring them closer to the values and good practices of Alumni associations worldwide. One of my self-imposed goals during this term as president of SMU Alumni Association (SAA) has been to foster relationships among our Board of Directors, Alumni members as well as students. Strong relationships have been critical to the success of our term. As fellow Alumni of SMU University, we quickly became colleagues, collaborators and—most of all—friends. I’m confident that the valuable relationships we have forged will continue well into the future.

 It has been a distinct and honor for me to serve as president of SAA. This has been one of the greatest satisfactions I have had in a volunteer role—and definitely the most fun. I’ve been thankful for the opportunity to lead such a distinguished board of directors and represent all Alumni members. With each passing year, we continue to see alumni who achieve notable accomplishments, represent us well and deepen our pride in SMU”


Sofiene Souilhi

(EMBA Alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2017)

"We all have the academic profoundities of theory, the architecture of corporate structure and finance. But when I chose to do this EMBA programm at MSB I was looking for the real world.

The higher you go in an organization the less it becomes about technical skills and the more it becomes about leadership skills and what the EMBA programm offered is this way to start with how does the world works and then how does it come down to what I do in a company on a day to day basis.

It's a lot to get a degree, but in this programm you are here to be permanantly part of a community with students from diverse backgrounds and to be learning over life of your career of a long as you want to.

I would'nt say enough of how the professors and the programm staff committed to the success of this programm and the success of us as individuals.

It truelly made this an exceptional life experience."


Chadli Hentati

(EMBA Alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2011)

The Executive MBA offered me the opportunity to develop my leadership and general management skills through an exceptionally interactive and team-based approach to learning.

Having a more technical background, I chose this MBA because it helped me move into management and think holistically when solving problems in an everyday business environment. The program has a strong international focus which makes it exciting and challenging, at the same time. Studying at MSB gave me the opportunity to work with some of the most remarkably dynamic academics and professionals whose experience was inspiring. The MSB Executive MBA experience has exceeded my expectations, in my opinion, it has been a positive leap towards my professional goals.


Karim Hammami

DG Audi et Porsche Tunisie (Groupe Ennakl)

L’année 2020, n’est pas l’année que nous attendions, mais c’est l’année que nous avons eu !

C’est l’année qui nous a poussé à tellement de changements dans notre manière de vivre, de nous comporter et de travailler.

C’est l’année qui a apporté à chacun d’entre nous plusieurs challenges, personnels et professionnels.

C’est l’année qui nous a mené à de nombreuses transformations dans nos entreprises et qui nous a montré que derrière tout changement, il y a une opportunité.

2020 c’est aussi l’année du premier Mini MBA à la MSB !

Comme vous l’avez compris, nous aussi durant ce Mini MBA nous avons dû nous adapter à de multiples contraintes (présentielle, Hybride, à distance) et de changements de programmation dû à la Covid 19.

Tous ensemble, nous y sommes parvenus grâce notamment au professionnalisme de l’équipe de la MSB, la disponibilité des professeurs qui malgré le décalage horaire avec le Canada, ont pu remplir parfaitement et avec compétence tous les cours programmés.

Pour nous « les étudiants », Chefs d’entreprise, Cadres supérieurs, cette expérience nous a permis de nous replonger dans le magnifique milieu estudiantin tout en partageant tous ensemble nos différentes expériences professionnelles.

Ce Mini MBA a été pour nous une opportunité de nous redécouvrir, mieux nous connaitre à travers de multiples cas pratiques avec l’aide de professeurs compétents, maitrisant parfaitement leur sujet.

Les différents modules étudiés ont répondu à l’ensemble des compétences que doit maitriser un bon manager.

Jeunes ou moins jeunes, nous avons tous utilisé cette jeunesse pour apprendre le plus de choses possibles et de nous éloigner de l’ignorance tout en nous rapprochant jour après jours de nos rêves !


Ines Haj Romdhane

L3 Student

Throughout my studies at MSB, i had the opportunity to meet many incredible people. Being active in many clubs helped me a lot. Since my first year, I was already part of the student life community and Enactus SMU. I also was one of the founders of the Lions Club and became one of the ambassadors of the EFMD Platform Highered. These extrasolar activities helped me learn many new skills. I had the opportunity to discover public speaking in Enactus and Communication and event organizing with student life. In my second year, I became the student life coordinator at MSB, this job is an amazing experience as it helped me grow and become more organized in my studies. Thanks to MSB I had the opportunity to participate and co-organize many hackathons, one of them was the biggest one in Africa AI HACK. This hackathon was one of the best experiences in my life as I had the opportunity to meet many people from Google Mena that had always inspired me. When I first joined MSB, I would have never thought that I will be able to do all of this, I always thought that I was more up for engineering studies. But with time I saw the potential of a business student in me and thanks to the professors and the amazing community we have here I even got the chance to start and become the project manager of a sustainable clothing line with Enactus. In two years I learned a lot and grow so much. I will forever be thankful. One piece of advice I can give is to always believe that you are capable of more, that’s the key to success.



EMBA Visiting Professor & professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

I am thoroughly impressed with the Mediterranean School of Business. The students are as good as taught at top US and British business schools. They are so eager to learn, and really appreciate new concepts and ways of thinking. The facilities are first rate: a good amphitheater classroom, and state-of-the art technology. I have benefited greatly by my time at the MSB.


Firas Guezguez

SAP commerce Project manager @ FH madrid

I enrolled in the UPM program in 2014 after graduating with a license in management at MSB. This was an obvious choice for me as I wanted to pursue a career in consulting in Europe and the UPM program at MSB was the most complete program to answer my needs.  My time at MSB as a master's student in business analytics and Big Data marked a tipping point in my professional career. My specific aim was to learn how to make sense of and derive intelligence from the increasing amounts of data that businesses hold about their operations and customers. I wanted to understand and learn about the latest trends available to tackle contemporary business challenges. Usefully, MSB additionally provides soft skills-related courses such as public speaking and professional presentations to complement the technical skills taught in the core subjects. At the same time, the class environment was genuinely enjoyable, and the 2 years were valuable and rewarding experiences at a personal level. Today, 4 years after graduating from MSB, I can confirm that choosing the MSB UPM program was the right decision as I am currently holding a project manager position working with digitalization projects throughout Europe. 


Mehdi Kallel

Alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2010

With an engineering background and after 10 years working for the ASSAD Group at various managerial positions, I decided to go for an Executive MBA at MSB in 2010. It was a great experience that helped me better understand the different aspects of the business and be more focused on the opportunities to develop. Today, 10 years later, I am managing 3 subsidiaries within the ASSAD Group in a new business line that we developed to diversify our activity. Thank you MSB Team for your contribution to boosting my career. 


Cyrine Salhi

(UPM Alumni 2019) SMU Alumni Association/Marketing

" I took this time to reflect on my work in the alumni association and I realized the impact it had on my personal growth and professionalism as well. On a professional aspect, I became more self-confident about the importance of cultivating a network of alumni and more aware of the efforts conducted by SMU into cultivating and uniting us. As a personal aspect, It helped keep contact with old alumni and get inspired by their paths and be more confident with my engagements. My time in the association has enhanced many skills such as time management, analysis, and communication skills and I am thankful for the chance I had to work closely with the members of the board and especially with the career center members, who were very helpful and guided me in every step."


Lotfi Chakchouk

Studies & Mentoring Intern @ Tunisi Clearing

I remember when I decided to follow Business studies at the Mediterranean School of Business, A journey full of opportunities that developed my knowledge within the business field and forged my personality to become a better version of me. I am pleased to announce that I got a scholarship from MSB’s partner, IESEG Business school, for the Grande Ecole master’s program. This new adventure will boost my enthusiasm to develop a professional network through interaction with international students and exchanging knowledge to reach a higher level of added value. 


Dmytro Mlynchyk

Procurement & supply chain intern @ Geoseis Tunisie

At the moment my focus is on design practice and entrepreneurship. I have co-founded a design studio with a focus on strategic product development, concept design, business modeling, research, and art direction.  

Studying at MSB and doing an exchange program at Nova SBE brought a huge impact on how I see things. First of all its ability to see a bigger picture with in-depth analyses of what is needed to be achieved. Secondly, it is a strategic mindset of how a certain thing can evolve or improve over time. Finally, such experience brought me an understanding of how I can implement this knowledge in a different industry and make the best of two worlds.   will be honest saying that the whole educational process at MSB was very inspiring and gave me more confidence in myself. 



Valedictorian Licence 2015

It is with great pleasure that I have learnt about my acceptance at IESEG for a double-degree MSB-IESEG Master program thanks to the partnership between the two universities. My 3-year academic journey at the Mediterranean School of Business allowed me to shape my professional career along with a self-development accomplishment. Now, moving forward with a Master Grande Ecole at IESEG will certainly further strengthen my competencies.


Malek El Mufti

HEC Program Student

I graduated from the ISC (International Scholl of Carthage) with honors (14.2/20) in the scientific baccalaureate series. After a sabbatical year where I learned German and other languages and did various training, I heard about the MSB-HEC Montreal partnership. It was for my discovery and I was able, after passing my entrance tests, to integrate the program. From the first year, I was able to establish a large network which, each in its own way, brought me the added value and with whom I shared my experiences. This richness in the sharing of knowledge taught me a lot, whether it was from the inside with the students or from the outside with teachers or characters who came to testify to their "success stories". I was also impressed by the quality of the teachers, some of whom came especially from HEC Montreal to give us classes. The extra-curricular atmosphere is also rich and omnipresent throughout the various clubs that the campus offers. I consider the preparatory year to be very important in order to be at the level required to integrate the North American university system.


Mohamed Zrafi

EMBA Student Testimonial Cohort 2019

Staying on the cutting edge of management skills development, receiving a high standard of international education while being in Tunisia, and pursuing professional experience at the same time, is no more living in a cloud cuckoo land.

After about 17 years of professional experience, I have enrolled in the MBA program in MSB. This is undoubtedly an unprecedented opportunity to bring freshness into my engineering and professional background. It supported me in getting more insights and bringing a positive contribution to the company's strategic decisions. Investing in an Executive MBA in MSB is an inspiring experience that will definitely shape future leadership skills. 


Leila Ben Hassine

Cohort 2011

My decision to enroll in EMBA program was unequivocally one of the best of my career.

When i started on my MBA at MSB in 2011, I was hoping that my degree would provide me with the credentials and business acumen to someday take on a role like this. I have to say the Executive MBA program gave me a lot more than I expected it was.

It gave me invaluable experience working through real-life business problems. Brilliant professors made this adventure astonishing through extensive collaboration and experience exchange. It was a hard road because the expectations are high but rewards at the end are higher.

It offered me the opportunity to reflect on my post professional experience as a whole, giving me the confidence and enthusiasm, enabling me to progress in my career and to open my own business , it gave me  a refined set of skills that make me a proactive decision maker.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is seeking an advanced degree in business


Zeiger Cyril

Directeur d’usine

Le programme Mini MBA est une bonne alternative à un MBA classique assuré en partenariat entre la MSB Tunis et HEC Montréal. Les professeurs de ces deux écoles qui assurent l’enseignement sont des professionnels de haut niveau qui transmettent leurs expériences respectives à travers des cours participatifs et très interactifs. Cette formation a considérablement renforcé mes compétences de manager. J’ai pu y apprendre et mettre en pratique de nouveaux outils de gestion importants, dans des domaines aussi variés que la logistique, l’analyse financière ou l’habileté de management de personnes. Elle m’a également enrichie sur les bonnes pratiques de direction d’entreprise à avoir en 2021. L’ensemble des modules enseignés seront un véritable plus pour la suite de ma carrière et auront un impact réel sur moi, en tant que personne et en tant que professionnel.


Mouna Ben Halima

Alumna Cohort 2008

Being a part of the EMBA Program has totally changed my vision of my professional commitment and my way of developing my business. During my EMBA studies, I felt like I was traveling during each course, relentlessly studying success stories around the world, and cases where courage and bravery to undertake risks were the key words! 

I finished my studies with the conviction that I no longer had the right to continue working according to the same model as before, and that I had to seek out strategies that create diversity, and innovation. And, that’s how the Hotel La Badira was born. I would never have thought of doing it without the indisputable contribution of these two wonderful years I spent at MSB.



Professor of management, University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Addressing the EMBA participants: … When I taught the 04 class in June I realized that there was something special here in Tunis when I walked in at 6.30 P.M. to tell everyone that it was time to go home and they said they wished to stay and complete the exercise. And then seeing you all together 04 and 05 in Djerba, it was even clearer that your appreciation for learning and your creativity to handle new situations was unusual.



Director of Undergraduate & HEC Montreal 2+2 Programs

Le programme BAA 2+2 MSB – HEC Montréal est une formation d’élite qui s’inscrit dans le cadre de la politique d’excellence de la MSB et de la recherche de partenaires de renommée internationale. La diversité des cultures est un enrichissement aussi bien pour nos étudiants que pour l’équipe MSB. Nous sommes fiers de compter HEC Montréal parmi nos partenaires et souhaitons développer d’autres formes de collaboration avec cette institution pour faciliter à nos étudiants l’accès à des expériences à l’international.


Aicha Kallel

MSB Alumna

The undergraduate program at the Mediterranean School of Business has given me so much more than I expected when I first started it in 2016. I’ve learned so much from its highly dedicated and supportive professors. I believe that the skills and knowledge I acquired are the keys to a successful career. During my final year, I went on an exchange semester to IE Business School, Madrid which was an eye-opening experience. Overall, I can say that I am grateful to MSB for providing a wonderful learning environment and a wide range of opportunities for growth.


Karim Laabidi

EMBA alumnus Testimonial Cohort 2011

Participating in the EMBA program at MSB was the best decision I have ever made in my life! It is an outstanding program that developed my Entrepreneurial Spirit and boosted my career. Thanks to its global education and its renowned international faculty coming from prestigious universities, I improved my managerial skills, and I launched my own business in different fields. It was also a great opportunity to meet talented and amazing managers from around the world. This life-changing EMBA program could not have been a success without the support and help of a professional and lovely MSB staff! Today I'm very self-confident and well equipped to run my businesses and lead companies’ transformations. 


Arij Ismail

L2 Student

I created my UTM link in order for the Highered staff to keep track of my activities. In fact, each week, a responsible send us the number of users and sessions that each ambassador has reached.  I posted on many groups targeting many students who are seeking an internship or job abroad using my UTM link. I created an Instagram account, and I posted some of the opportunities that you mention every time. Recently I haven't been active, but Stefano introduced me to the virtual job fair and told me to inform you about it. I will send an email to the Career Center to register for the virtual job fair so that students from our university could join.  I want to thank Msb for giving me this opportunity and I hope that I will meet your highest expectations.  


Ahmed Ben Amara

Business process consultant @ Henkel

An MSB graduate in Tunisia is always one step ahead from others by acquiring strong communication & soft skills, by leveraging English level, and by going through a program that is up to date with nowadays business management processes and strategies that offers you the flexibility to adapt with a broad range of jobs, and those are the cherries companies in & outside Tunisia are willing to pick



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