• Eligibility criteria:

Applicants must hold a high school diploma or its equivalent (with M.E.S equivalence for nationals holding a foreign diploma).

For Baccalaureate (French / International)

• French: Candidates must have taken the Math specialty in "Première" and the Math specialty or complementary Math in "Terminale" with a grade of "Mention Bien" or better, and a mark of 14/20 in Math.

• International: Candidates should have a scientific profile with compulsory Math (subject to file review) and an equivalence of "Mention Bien" or better.

For Tunisian / Moroccan / Algerian Baccalaureate

• “Mathematics” or “Experimental Sciences” with a grade of Mention Bien (14/20) or better.

A candidate who has obtained the baccalaureate with a grade of “Assez bien” may be accepted under conditions.

  • Our admission procedure:

The admission procedure begins when the candidate completes the online application form available at and submits a complete file containing the following required documents:

1/- Required documents:

  • One certified copy of the baccalaureate diploma, including the exam report (and equivalence from M.E.S. for nationals holding a foreign diploma).
  • One certified copy of the school reports from the last two years of high school.
  • A recent birth certificate in French.
  • A copy of the CIN (for Tunisians) or the passport (for international students).
  • Medical record or medical certificate.
  • Recognition certificate of foreign diplomas from the issuing country (for international students).


Extracurricular activities: internships, volunteering, participation in associations, and any extra-curricular achievements and awards (please provide certificates if earned).

Note: All the documents submitted as part of the application process will remain the property of SMU. Incomplete files will not be processed.

2/- Online Application Form:

A candidate who wishes to be admitted to MSB must fill out the online application form at:

3/- Admission fees:

After filling out the application form and submitting the required documents, the candidate must pay the applicable admission fees.

4/- Placement test: 

The candidate must take the following placement tests:

English test :

  • Tunisian students are required to take our English test.
  • International students may request to take our English test online if necessary.
  • Native speakers are exempt from taking our English test.

Math test :

  • All applicants are required to take our math placement test.
  • International students may request to take our math test online, if needed.

5/- Interview:

Upon validation of the test(s), the Admission Office will contact you to schedule an appointment for your interview.

International students may request a virtual interview, if necessary, which can be conducted over Teams or through an online video conference/webinar.

6/- Final decision:

An admission committee examines your application and communicates a final decision within a period not exceeding seven (07) business days.

Once admitted, an official email is sent to the candidate as a confirmation of their admission, and the payment of the first term of the tuition fees is required as a confirmation of their enrollment. Failure to complete this payment may result in the priority of acceptance being awarded to another candidate.

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