"BIM Fundamentals & Information Management" Seminar

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"BIM Fundamentals & Information Management" Seminar Sep 03 2023 - Sep 29 2023

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The Four-Day Seminar Has Ended, But the Journey Continues for Our Full-Time Program Students! 🌟

We've just wrapped up a transformative 4-day course in "BIM Fundamentals and Information Management" as a cornerstone of our Executive Master in "BIM & ERP Management"! Congratulations on completing this seminar, a heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr. Bilal Succar for his invaluable insights, unwavering dedication, and masterful teaching. His knowledge and expertise have immensely enriched our program and left a profound impact on all participants.

To our dedicated students – your commitment, active participation, and thirst for knowledge made these sessions incredibly rewarding. It's inspiring to witness such a vibrant group of professionals eager to propel the industry forward. This Executive master continues 
Let's keep the momentum going and continue pioneering the future of BIM!

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