Research Days 3rd Edition January 4th & 5th

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Research Days 3rd Edition January 4th & 5th Dec 30 2022

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Research Days, 3rd Edition, January 4 & 5, 2023 

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The 3rd Edition of SMU Research Days, organized by the SMU Research Center and SMU Foundation, came to a close on January 5th, after two days of engaging presentations and talks. We had the privilege of having a number of guest speakers share their insights and expertise on a range of topics related to research and funding.

Mrs. Amani Mahjoubi Charrad introduced us to Horizon EU, an EU initiative that helps fund research and innovation in "Widening Countries." She spoke at lengths about Horizon EU's 2023-2024 Work Programmes in particular.

Dr. Yanis Ben Amor discussed how to raise funds for research and innovation, highlighting traditional grant mechanisms, non-traditional grant mechanisms (such as industry collaboration), and philanthropy.

Dr. Renate Dieterich and Mrs. Salha Ennajeh presented on the DAAD, the world's largest funding organization for student and researcher exchanges. They shared some exciting upcoming funding opportunities and cooperation programs that could benefit our students and researchers at SMU.

Mr. Benjamin Preclik, an advisor at GIZ Tunisia, gave us his thoughts on how to make the most of research collaboration opportunities between different institutions.

Finally, Dr. Ilhem Slama-Belkhodja, Head of the QehnA Research Group, shared her successful experiences with raising funds and acquiring industry collaboration to support her research over the past 30 years. She also let us in on the research dynamics at Qehna and what it's like to be part of their renowned research group.

All in all, the 3rd Edition of SMU Research Days was a resounding success and provided valuable insights and opportunities for expanding our research even further at SMU. The SMU Research Center is already looking forward to having everyone join our next 4th Edition, scheduled for June 2023.


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