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Mediterranean School of Business - MSB

Transfer Programs:

SMU represents a bridge to its students who would like to seek an international degree through our:

2+2 Transfer: MSB Students can pursue 2 years at the school of business and transfer their credits to one of our partner universities to obtain a 4-year bachelor degree.

  • University of South Florida, USA
  • Emporia State University, USA
  • HEC Montreal, Canada
  • Hult International School of Business, USA and the UK

3+2 Transfer: MSB students who have successfully completed their license degree at MSB can benefit from our partnership with IESEG Grande Ecole and pursue their master’s degree in Paris or Lille, France.

Exchange Programs:

MSB students are given the opportunity to spend a semester in one of our partner universities abroad to discover the university, the region and benefit from the outstanding experience of studying abroad.

  • Ritsumeikan APU (Japan)
  • Rennes School of Business (France) 
  • KEDGE (France)
  • IESEG (France)
  • NOVA SBE (Portugal)
  • University of Hertfordshire (UK)
  • EM Normandie (France)
  • Catolica (Portugal)
  • The American University in Cairo (Egypt)
  • HEC Montreal (Canada) 
  • IE Madrid (Spain)

Double Degree:

MSB students can pursue their studies abroad and obtain a double master’s degree from both SMU and our partner universities: 

  • Rennes School of Business (France) 
  • Hult International School of Business (UK, USA) 
  • ESEC (Spain) 
  • HEC Montreal (Canada) 

Mediterranean Institute of Technology

Transfer Programs:

MedTech students can pursue their studies abroad and obtain an MSc degree in Business Technology or an MSc in Innovation, Transformation & Entrepreneurship from: 

  • Kedge Business School (France) 
  • IESEG(France)

Exchange Programs:

MedTech students who wish to spend a semester studying abroad, are given the chance to apply for an exchange program with one of our partner universities:

  • ENSPIMA, France
  • University of Coimbra, Portugal

Double degree:

3+2 Double Degree: MedTech students can pursue an MSc degree from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and their 5-year engineering degree from MedTech, simultaneously. This agreement is a joint 3+2 program partnership allowing students who meet admission requirements of the University of Michigan Dearborn to complete their double degree abroad.

3+2 Double Degree: MedTech students can pursue an MSc degree from HEC Montreal and a double bachelor's degree from both HEC Montreal and MedTech.

Capstone Project:

MedTech students who wish to culminate their academic and intellectual experience will have the chance to be part of one of the capstone programs with our partner universities: 

  • University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • University of Waterloo, Canada 


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