SMU Research Center aims at enhancing research opportunities, academic excellence, real-world problem solving, as well as knowledge creation, and dissemination. The goal of the Research Center is to enable and promote interaction between faculty and visiting scholars, students and industry in order to raise the profile of SMU as a leading Higher Education institution, innovative, and an actor for change.


  • Ensure that research contributes effectively to the overall mission of SMU.
  • Sustain and strengthen our research environment, initiatives and create opportunities to generate financial support through private grants for research initiatives.  
  • Encourage participation and collaboration between our faculty members and with external stakeholders by building bridges with other academic partners, policy making community, business community and the public sphere in general. 


Research Ecosystem


  • Between Academia and the Business community: promote relations with business community through applied research to help them making better choices and anticipate future challenges. Research is valuable in convincing companies to change their way of thinking, operating and doing business.  
  • Between Academia and the policy-making community: thinking about the economic, social and international contexts. Conduct high quality research on the challenges Tunisia is facing and foster knowledge production and policy making based on the use of technology tools and research methods that combine both qualitative and quantitative instruments.
  • Between Academia and public sphere: inform public debate, question common ideas and common thinking.
  •  Across sectors by promoting collective thinking and building strategic communities including a variety of actors: academia, private sector, civil society and public sector. 

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