Career and Alumni Center Assistant Coordinator

South Mediterranean University

Location: Lac 2, Tunisia 

Open Date: 09-02-2023

Application Deadline: 15-03-2023

Main responsibilities

Internship and job offer:

•    Interacting with recruiters to get internships and job offers.

•    Sharing job and internship offers with SMU students & alumni.

•    Managing the requests of students & alumni and sharing their CVs with the companies for which they wish to apply.

•    Managing the paperwork related to the internship process for MBM students.

•    Monitoring the work conditions of students & alumni within the host companies.

•    Gathering feedback from employers.

•    Writing employer satisfaction reports and placement summary reports.


•    Sending surveys to company representatives and following up.

•    Sending surveys to students (interns).

•    Cleaning and classifying the data.

•    Sending progression surveys to Alumni and managing the data bases.

•    Preparing data for the EPAS accreditation.

•    Writing the Career and Alumni Center annual report.


•    Coordinating and communicating about CAC’s internal and external events.

•    Managing career passport attendance.

•    Organizing Company visits.

•    Managing the CAC’s LinkedIn profile.

Other responsibilities:

•    Advising students and alumni about their career path.

•    Presenting the career center and its activities during info sessions.

•    Preparing the content of the Career and Alumni Center annual Magazine.


•    Minimum degree: License.

Application Guidelines and Process 

•    Round 1: Applications must include: Full CV and a recommendation Letter from previous employer.

•    Round 2: Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview on our campus.  You could be asked to submit additional documents as needed. 

For more information, please contact SMU-HR Development Team at this email address:

To apply, please click on this link:  

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