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In today's challenging and demanding environment, the need for research and innovation is vital. SMU responded effectively to this need by establishing its research center with the help of different collaborates working side by side. Its aim is to bridge between academia, the first portal to the professional world for students, then the public sphere, business community, and international partners. The research center envisions a homogenous frame of Business and Engineering for SMU to push expertise forward and seek excellence by building research infrastructure and being a resource center, therefore raise its profile and accentuate its vision, mission, and values aspects. 

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Since its creation in 2018, Software Improvement Laboratory (SIM) has been dedicating its efforts to all software engineering activities from developing, designing, and testing the software to researching new techniques, approaches and technologies.  

In the broad field of Software Engineering, the main research areas SIM focuses on are: 

  • Software verification and validation 

  • Software Refactoring 

  • Software Measurement 

SIM’s interests include collaborating with large industrial players. One of its major collaborations is with Sama Partner, a German IT company. 


Software engineering Computer science Génie logiciel Master génie logiciel Licence informatique

Team Members:

avatar Amine Ben Hassouna
avatar Dorra Louati
avatar Heger Arfaoui, PhD
avatar Imed Hammouda, PhD
avatar Jihen Bennaceur, PhD
avatar Salma Hamza, Ph.D.
avatar Syrine Ben Meskina Mkaouar, PhD

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As the only university that provides the renewable energy engineering program, it is Medtech’s obligation to enhance the faculty and scholars’ knowledge in the field. This obligation is pursued through the research unit, Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG). SERG’s mission is to study and analyze the efficiency of cutting-edge renewable energy technologies, namely microalgal-biofuel technologies, energy efficiency in buildings and materials for renewable energy applications.


Renewable Energy Engineering Sustainability Energy Management Génie Energies Renouvelables Master Energy Management and Sustainability Master Gestion de l’Energie et Développement Durable

Team Members:

avatar Houda Nsir, Ph.D.
avatar Lamia Bouaziz, PhD
avatar Leila Costelle, PhD
avatar Nejib Chennoufi, PhD
avatar Rim Gharbi, PhD
avatar Walid Ben Haj Othman, PhD

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The main scope of the “Innovation on Advanced Computer Technologies” (I-ACT) Research Group is to innovate in the field of Computer Systems Engineering. 

Our research incorporates various aspects on designing and optimizing secured systems such as: Cybersecurity, Computer Network, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Robotics, Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), precision farming, localization, Internet of Thing (IoT), Optimization of complex systems and secure distributed systems.  


Computer Network Cybersecurity Blockchain Artificial Intelligence(AI) Machine Learning (ML) Robotics Precision farming Localization Optimization of complex systems Secure distributed systems

Team Members:

avatar Hanen Ahmadi, PhD
avatar Hichem Kallel, PhD
avatar Jihen Bennaceur, PhD
avatar Mohamed Amin Ben Sassi, PhD
avatar Nejib Chennoufi, PhD
avatar Noura Baccar, PhD

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The Canadian non-profit organization, Mitacs, has been successfully designing and delivering research and training programs since 1999. Over the past 20 years, Mitacs has funded more than 20,000 research projects, trained more than 33,000 students and postdocs, and supported more than 3,600 international research collaborations. 

Mitacs’ mission is to connect industries with universities and colleges for the purpose of solving business challenges. Through Medtech, SMU was able to establish a partnership with one of Mitac’s Programs, Globallink, to carry out joint industrial and academic research projects. The program includes two exchange initiatives; Globalink Research Internship (GRI), a 12-week internship for undergraduate students at their final years of studies enrolled full-time in a Tunisian university, and Globalink Research Award (GRA), a 12-24-week-internship designed for undergraduate students at their final years of studies, as well as master’s, Ph. D. students and postdoctoral fellows with full-time affiliations in a Tunisian university. 
For more details about the SMU-Mitacs partnership and the exchange mobility between Tunisia and Canada through Mitacs, kindly contact: Yasmine Guefrachi, Ph. D. (Assistant Professor at MedTech) at 

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