About Us




MedTech is a university and community driven by a shared purpose: to develop the minds of young engineers. All nationalities and all disciplines are welcome to try to expand their minds and understanding in the fields of Software Engineering, Computer Systems Engineering, Renewable energies, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain applications.  

Our community has a unique focus on developing the growing tech sector in the country by providing all its members with resources such as a maker lab, a startup accelerator and a wide network spanning the entire world and innumerable areas of expertise.  

The teaching principles by which MedTech's faculty abide are fundamental to each student. Providing personal experience for every member of the community where they can explore their own interests and future projects. Each course, training, club, and project is driven by the student body's will and want to create an ever-evolving campus that aims to provide the best possible teaching content to accelerate the community's skills matching their interests and the quickly transforming market

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