Library & Archives




As the intellectual heart of SMU, the library is integrated and engaged in teaching and learning. Through this space SMU aims to liaise with students, professors, and staff across all disciplines and to enrich academic experiences by providing the resources needed from books to archives to rich databases, and the spaces for creation and cooperation. 

Hours of Operation  

From Monday through Friday:  

  • 8.00 am until 7.30 pm 


  • From 8.30 am until 2 pm 

Library Resources

Most of the resources provided by the library are available online. These materials include: 

  • Books and class materials 
  • EBSCO research database 
  • Access to academic journals and cases such as DOAJ  
  • Access to 17+ Financial databases, both national and international 
  • Access to students' final reports and dissertations 

Study Spaces  

All over campus, private boxes are put at the disposal of both professors and students to book for a study group, a private tutoring session, or a group project.  

The study boxes must be reserved through the Ticketing System that is available on SMU Student Portal at MY INFO. 

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