Dorra Louati


Qualifications: Ph.D. in Computer Science and Complex SystemUniversity of Sorbonne, France and National School of Computer Science, Tunisia National School of Engineers of Tunis, MS in Information Processing and complexity of life University of Sciences of Tunis, BS in Computer Science


Dorra Louati is an Assistant Professor of computer science at the Mediterranean Institute of Technology and a researcher at the BIMS laboratory in Pasteur Institute of Tunis. Her research activities are in complex systems modeling and simulation with a particular interest in disease modeling and prediction.

Areas of Expertise

Computer Sciences

Research Interest

Complex systems Modelling Simulation Ecology Data Science

Louati D,Ben Miled S,Saoud N. HermaDEB:An evolutionary IBM for energy allocation in hermaphrodites. Ecological Modelling. 2020 May;424:109008                                                      

Couplage de modèles multi-niveau de systèmes complexes : application aux systèmes biologiques. 2017 December.(PhD Thesis)                                                                                                       

Maaroufi D ,Ben Miled S, Bellamine Ben Saoud N. A multi-agent approach to couple the physiological and ecological level: What factors influence time to sex change? .2015 Third World Conference on Complex Systems(WCCS). 2015 Third World Conference on Complex Systems (WCCS); Marrakech. IEEE; 2015.

Gourmet P, Paganini J, Dainat J, Louati D, Darbo E, Pontarotti P, Levasseur A. Evolutionary Biology–Concepts, Biodiversity, Macroevolution, and Genome Evolution. Pontarotti P,editor. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer BerlinHeidelberg; 2011. Chapter Chapter5, Integration of Evolutionary Biology Concepts for Functional Annotation and Automation of Complex Research in Evolution: The Multi-Agent Software System DAGOBAH. 71-87p.

  • Introduction to programming
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Data Visualization
  • Multi-agent Systems
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