Houda Nsir, Ph.D.


Qualifications: Ph.D. in biological science (biochemistry); Faculty of science of Bizerte /Master's Degree in Molecular and cellular biology and plant physiology; Faculty of science of Bizerte / Bachelor’s Degree in molecular and cellular biology; Faculty of science Tunis El Manar.


Dr. Houda Nsir holds a Ph.D. in biological science with a specialization in biochemistry from the Faculty of Science of Bizerte (FSB). She is currently Assistant Professor at the Mediterranean Institute of Technology (MedTech), South Mediterranean University, Tunisia. 

Dr. Nsir is a member of the research group within the biotechnology research center of Borj Cedria CBBC. Where she was conducting and supervising national and international projects about bioactive molecules in olive oil and leaves and Nutraceutical compounds.

Her academic interests, as well as research, include Bioenergy, biofuels production from olive waste and use of Nanotechnology in the application and bioavailability of phytochemicals derived from olive waste streams.

Areas of Expertise

Biological science
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