Lamia Bouaziz, PhD


Qualifications: Ph.D. The University of Science of Tunis (FST) Tunisia Engineering Degree National Engineering School of Monastir (ENIM), Tunisia | Preparatory School to Engineering Studies (IPEIT)


Dr. Lamia Bouaziz holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the Faculty of Science of Tunis (FST). She is currently Assistant Professor and Master programs Director in the Mediterranean Institute of Technology (MedTech), South Mediterranean University, Tunisia. . Dr. Bouaziz is a member of the research group within the Research and Technology Centre of Energy (CRTEn) where she was conducting and supervising many hands-on projects on Renewable energy applications and co-supervising master's thesis. She was a researcher within the Nanotechnology Center at The Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain. Her academic interests, as well as research, include Physics, Material science, Solar Energy Systems, and Energetic Systems.

Areas of Expertise


Research Interest

Physics Materials Science Energy and Sustainability

Lamia Bouaziz, Donia Dridi, Mokhtar Karyaoui, Todora Angelova, Guillermo Sanchez Plaza and Radhouane Chtourou. (2017). A novel passivation process of silicon nanowires by a low-cost PECVD technique for deposition of hydrogenated silicon nitride using SiH4 and N2 as precursor gases. THE EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL PLUS, 132: 119

D. Dridi, L. Bouaziz, M. Karyaoui, Y. Litaim, and R. Chtourou, Effect of silver doping on optical and electrochemical properties of ZnO photoanode, Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics JMSE-D-18-00039(2018), submitted.                                                                                                         

L. Bouaziz , M. Karyaoui, R. Chtourou. (2017). Electrodeposition of ZnO nanostructured array films as a passivation layer on silicon nanowire solar cells. ANSOLE days, Hammamet, Tunisia

L. Bouaziz, D. Dridi, M. Karyaoui, R. Chtourou. (2015). Effect of doping concentration on electrical and optoelectrical properties of silicon nanowires obtained by chemical etching for photovoltaic applications. Materiaux 2015, Mahdia, Tunisia   

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