Syrine Ben Meskina Mkaouar, PhD


Qualifications: Doctorate in Computer Science (Ph.D.), 2013–2017, National Institute of Applied Science and Technology (INSAT) and Tunis Faculty of Science (FST), Tunisia Master of Science (MSc), Modeling, 2011, Tunis Higher Institute of Management (ISG), Tunisia Bachelor of Science (BSc), Business Computing, 2009


Dr. Syrine BEN MESKINA joined the Mediterranean School of Technology (MedTech) as Assistant Professor of Computer Science in October 2019. She is currently the Computer Science Bachelor Program Director. Syrine BEN MESKINA holds a Ph.D. from the Tunis Faculty of Science (FST) and the National Institute of Applied Science and Technology (INSAT) with high honors and jury's congratulations in 2017. She has pedagogic experience at multiple public and private engineering schools as well as experience as a director of the Business Computing Bachelor program. Her research interests include Data Science, Machine Learning, and Smart Grids.     


Areas of Expertise

Computer Science

Research Interest

Data Science Machine Learning Smart Grids Multi-Agent Systems

Leila Ziouche, Syrine Ben Meskina, Mohamed Khalgui, Laïd Kahloul: Smart Grid Reconfiguration based on Prediction Model for Technical Teams Intervention Integration and Recovery Enhancement. ENASE 2020: 382-389

 Leila Ziouch, Syrine Ben Meskina, Mohamed Khalgui, Zhiwu Li, Laid Kahloul, « Smart Grid Rebuilding based on Cloud Computing Architecture», in the IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC 2019).

 Syrine Ben Meskina, Narjes Doggaz, Mohamed Khalgui, Zhiwu Li, «Reconfiguration-based methodology for improving recovery performance of faults in smart grids », Information Science, Volume 454-455, pp. 73-95, 2018.

 Syrine Ben Meskina, Narjes Doggaz, Mohamed Khalgui, and Zhiwu Li, « Multiagent Framework for Smart Grids Recovery », IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics: Systems, Volume 47, Issue 7, pp. 1284-1300, 2017.

 Syrine Ben Meskina, Narjes Doggaz, Mohamed Khalgui, « An Efficient Reconfiguration-based Approach for Improving Smart Grid Performance », in 14th International Conference on Intelligent Software Methodologies (SoMeT 2015), pp. 42-55, Italy, 2015.

 Syrine Ben Meskina, Narjes Doggaz, Mohamed Khalgui, « Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery System (FDIRSY) for Smart Power Grids », in 5th International on Conference Pervasive and Embedded Computing and Communication Systems (PECCS 2015), pages: 132-139, Angers, France, 2015.

 Syrine Ben Meskina, Narjes Doggaz, Mohamed Khalgui, « New Solutions for Fault Detections and Dynamic Recoveries of Flexible Power Smart Grids », in 9th International Conference in Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO 2014), pages: 370-377, Vienna, Austria, 2014.

 Syrine Ben Meskina, Ghazi BelMufti, and Mohamed Limam, « On the Effect of Data Reduction on Classification Accuracy », in 3rd International Conference on Information Technology and e-Services (ICITeS), Sousse, Tunisia, 2013.

 Design and implementation a simulation tool for the Reconfigurable Smart Grid », Zoubeir Zarrouk, Syrine Ben Meskina, Proceedings of the International Conference IEEE Industry Applications Society (IEEE IAS’2015), Dallas, Texas, USA, 22-24 October 2015.

  • Computer Science 
  • Data Science 

  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Advanced Programming
  • Database Management Systems
  • Machine Learning
  • SI Design
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Structures & Algorithms 1 & 2

  • InnovationPatent 1

 Inventors: Zhiwu Li, Syrine Ben Meskina, Mohamed Khalgui, Narjes Doggaz, Naiqi Wu.


 Applicant: Macau University of Science and Technology, Taipa (MO)

 Country: United States

 Appl . No . : 15 / 427 , 171

 Filed : Feb . 8 , 2017

 Pub . Date : Aug . 9 , 2018

 Pub . No . : US 2018 / 0227167 A1

 Code: US 20180227167A1

  • Innovation Patent 2

 Inventors: Zhiwu Li, Syrine Ben Meskina, Mohamed Khalgui, Narjes Doggaz, Naiqi Wu.

 Title: A system, method, computer program, and data signal for fault detection and recovery of a network

 Applicant: Macau University of Science and Technology


 Date of Filing: 2017.02.08 

 Pub. Date: 2017.03.09

 Publication Journal Date: 2017.03.09 

 Granted Journal Date: 2017.03.09

 International Patent Classification(s) G01R 31/08 (2006.01) G01R 31/02 (2006.01) 

 Application No: 2017100148 

  • Award: 

Second Price at the international competition IEEE-IAS Myron Zucker Undergraduate Student Design Contest 2015 about developing a software simulator for modeling, supervising, and managing smart grids at Dallas-USA (October 2015).     


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