Louai Zaiter

Medtech Senior student 2021 SE

“Standard Sharing Software (3S) which is an IBM and SAP partner, and I had the honor to have my internship at the SAP department. 

My mission is to implement a fallback channel for their conversational AI, aka chatbot, and connect it with the client’s Cisco system. 

Being part of a big tech company has always been my envy and thanks to the excellent education that I have gained during my years of study at MEDTECH, I am now an intern at the best tech company in Tunisia and a contributor in the development of a worldwide recognized software product.”


Rym Khemiri

MedTech Final year student 2021 RE

“I am Rym, and I am a Final year Renewable Energy Engineering student at MedTech. 

During my five years of engineering studies, I have gained the knowledge and skills that will help me to develop my future career as an engineer. I am thankful to all the passionate teachers who were kind and well prepared to share their wisdom and experience with us. To give back to my school, I served in different capacities such teacher assistant and tutor.  

My life at MedTech made me stronger and took a step ahead to being an independent woman. 

I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to be part of the Technology, Research & Development department to conduct my capstone project at TOTAL in Paris. 

Being part of a big international company and having the chance to get involved in cross cultural interaction is an amazing learning experience and will help me enhance my interpersonal and communication skills.”


Nadia ben Slima

Medtech student 2023

During my freshman year I received a scholarship as I have the 2nd highest GPA on campus. 

Even though I give a lot of importance to my studies I never neglected other activities. 

Thanks to Medtech, I was able to participate in numerous competitions, work with different teams and have access to an education of international quality which will help me become a better leader and a highly qualified engineer.


Souha Hammi

Medtech Student senior 2020 CSE

“(When I am applying for an internship in the IT industry my position as a Computer Systems student at SMU, MedTech University helped me compete successfully with other students from private and public universities here in Tunisia.)

For me it is no surprise that the best internship I had since my freshmen year was the 2018-2019 junior year summer internship at MedTech with Dr. Hichem Kallel, where we worked on a Self-Driving Car using an Arduino board as a micro-controller. And apart from the things I learned and improved in that specific internship; MedTech taught me much more than theories, it gave a new outlook on engineering and how technologies around us such us smart phones and computers were created. This education helped improve my social skill such as public speaking, learn hands on in labs and even during the course and made me question how to keep innovating, which will absolutely help me in my future career.”


Nour Khellia

SE senior student

I chose Medtech and no other universities because it allowed me to learn, to improve myself and to flourish as a person. 

If I made an engineering cursus with a software specialization, my first choice for my studies, it is because MedTech offers a university degree while professionalizing the student through internships and work-study programs. 

Throughout these past 3 years, the most important thing is that I was well accompanied and supervised by their talented teachers, who are always there to help us and at our disposal.

Finally, as soon as I finish my studies, I will aim internationally and create my own business.


Tayssir Staali

SE senior student 2021

"Gaining work experience is key to boosting your employability, especially as an engineering student. 

That’s why, after my second year at MedTech, I chose to intern for my whole summer.

Thanks to the SMU Career Center, us students, we benefit from so many internship opportunities. 

I applied for an internship at AGIL, and I spent a great one-month internship there, I also applied for an online internship in a company in New York. 

It was a two-month fruitful internship also.

During my internships, I alternated between technical and administrative work.

In the end, I realized that working in a professional environment is different.

These opportunities helped me gain expertise and knowledge and take my first step as an engineer to be."


Fedi Hachicha

Medtech Alumnus 2019 CSE

My name is Fedi Hachicha, and I am a Computer Systems Engineer who graduated from Medtech in October 2019. During my five years of studies at MedTech, I gained a lot of technical knowledge and soft skills. The high-quality courses offered by the university, along with the help and creativity of our professors, inspired me to be a Teacher Assistant (TA) even before my graduation. Moreover, student life at the Campus was amazing, since events were organized weekly to entertain students. As an engineer, I was assigned multiple times a TA position in Advanced Digital Systems and Numerical Methods, and I worked as a robotic/electrical engineer. Currently, I am pursuing an Interdisciplinary and Innovative Engineering master's degree at UPC, and I am willing to enlarge my knowledge of data science to apply it in various domains in the future.


Chaima fourati

Medtech Alumna 2020 SE

i am Chayma Fourati, final year software engineering student, currently doing my end of studies internship in the artificial intelligence field. in July 2019, i had the opportunity of having a summer internship in the Centre for Informatics and Systems of the University of Coimbra (CISUC) at dei: Departamento de Engenharia Informática Thanks to the collaboration of MEDtech with the university of coimbra. This internship was an important step in my path, where i had an introduction to the artificial intelligence field that helped me shape my ideas. The courses i had in MEDtech were also up to date, which also contributed to having such important opportunities.


Imen Jaouadi

Medtech Alumna 2020 SE

"I had the opportunity to pass my senior year summer internship at DXC technology. 

While all my previous experiences were in startups, I chose DXC because it is an English-speaking company, and a multinational corporation. During that summer internship, I was very lucky to work on two projects, with multiple teams. This gave me a feeling of what working in a big company entails and helped me expand my skillset outside what I have seen and learned in Medtech. Now that I am doing my capstone project with DXC as well, the experience is a little different. I am working with an international team, which has been a great chance for me to work on my interpersonal skills.  So far, every day, I have been putting more and more of the theories I have learned during my five years in Medtech to practice, from data structures and algorithms to project management."


Fatma Jelili

MedTech alumna 2019 SE

I had my baccalaureate in the mathematics section in 2014 with 14.5. the I joined MedTech for engineering studies. After my 2 years of preparatory cycle, I’ve got specialized in Renewable energy. Through a teaching method based on continuous monitoring, the interaction between faculties and students, and the multitude of projects, we have acquired in depth theoretical and practical training. Our training includes a multitude of versatile disciplines such as science, computer science, economics, communication and soft skills. Being also the first English-speaking University in Tunisia with recognized worldwide accreditations, this has facilitated international mobility. So, through the university network and our faculties, I was able to get a Graduation Project in Rostock in Germany, within the company Windrad engineering. My capstone project focused on the development of a new type of wind turbine. Indeed, it was carried out in collaboration with the University of Rostock and funded by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy. The autonomy in the work and the spirit of observation developed at MedTech allowed me to excel in the final year project. I was then accepted for an excellence scholarship to start a PHD on the same subject. Following the Covid19 pandemic, I started my online lessons, waiting for the situation to stabilize so that I could go back to my home country.


Mohamed Khalil Liouane

Junior MedTech Student

Coming to MedTech was a last-minute decision for me. As a Tunisian student who decided to transfer from studying pharmacy to computer system engineering, I really wanted to make the best decision for myself. Now looking back, I could not be any prouder of myself for making such a decision, especially after having a merit scholarship and being on the dean's list. Honestly, I believe that the best thing about MedTech is the mix between engineering and entrepreneurship


Dana Al Darras

Student at MedTech

My name is Dana Al Darras a software engineering student in Medtech. When I first applied to the university we were told about the job fair, an annual event where we get to meet and connect with various companies on our own campus. The concept was mindblowing but I as a first-year student it was a bit intimidating as we had no experience in building a personal brand, a CV,  a LinkedIn portfolio or any of the requirements that make a student a considerable candidate for internships and jobs in those companies. However, the week of the job fair, the university's career center offered us an extensive series of workshops and lectures that helped me build a strong business persona that qualified me as an eligible candidate for an internship I applied for. Thanks to the two job fairs i have attended on the course of the past two years, I've completed two internships, had over three job offers, and gained a strong network of connections that came in handy when I launched my own startup this year.


Aziz Bachtarzi

MedTech Junior Student

Being an ambassador to Highered and working closely with the Career Center was a very good experience for me. This last period has been difficult for everyone given the current situation in the world but that did not prevent us from working. As an ambassador of Highered SMU and more precisely Medtech, I had a pleasure to work during all this month with the platform representative Stefano. Our first challenge was to welcome a maximum of students from our university within the platform. All this continued during this period of confinement. Our last challenge which is still in progress is that of having a maximum of online internships and a virtual Career Fair. For this, the ambassadors of Highered SMU are working with the DSC (Developer Student Club of SMU) but also with the Highered Platform. This experience has been very enriching for me and I hope to continue serving this cause.


Selim Zerelli

MedTech Junior Class 2023 SE

This internship helped me professionally growing up and provided me with a much greater concept of what to expect after college, a valuable hands-on experience, and a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should attach more importance to and make further improvement in my future studies …

Most importantly, I was supported by the SMU career center which helped me enhance my credibility and professionalism and provided me with the attention needed during this internship.

It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and get a better understanding of the company’s culture.


Fatma Ezzahra Ben Yedder

Medtech Alumna 2019 SE

Medtech is one of my best life experiences.

During my software engineering curriculum, I not only gathered a strong technical skills background but also learned various soft skills including problem solving, public speaking, technical English communication and project management.

I’ve met amazing people and learned a lot from high level professors that participated in my career growth.

Now I am a Software engineer, data scientist at Think-it (A Tech Tuniso-german company based in Tunis that works with international companies), and I can say that my three years of engineering at MedTech have a huge impact on what I achieved until now. 

I am also a teaching assistant at Medtech, I manage a team at Think-it and worked on different projects in machine learning, Natural Language Processing and Computer vision fields.

I am proud of who I became and grateful for what I learned from Medtech. 

I encourage anyone who would like to join the university and take advantage of this great learning opportunity. 


Ahmed Aziz Ouertatani

Medtech Alumnus 2019 CSE

I am a Ph.D. student in Sustainable Energy Systems at FEUP (Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto). This doctoral program is in partnership with MIT Portugal. I am interested in conducting my thesis in smart charging for EV (Electric Vehicle) aggregation. Also, I am a research scholar in a grant project funded by FCT (Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia) in collaboration with Bosch. This project called “Safe Cities” aims to provide an IoT Ecosystem for modern urban societies; to meet their security needs, privacy, comfort, and efficiency. 

I have graduated from MedTech in 2019 with a major in Computer Systems Engineering. The university first gave me the opportunity to accomplish my capstone project at the University of Coimbra, which opened me the doors to pursue my education in Portugal. During the 5 years at MedTech, we had a lot of common classes and projects where there is a strong collaboration between students from the 3 different majors (Renewable Energy, Software and Computer Systems engineering), which gave me the idea to apply my computer systems knowledge in energy sustainability. Diversity of the people in SMU campus is another aspect that helped me a lot with the integration phase in all my abroad experiences. Besides the academic evolution, I had the chance to work 1 year as a librarian and a semester as a lab instructor. I am so grateful for the whole experience, especially the connections that I developed with students, staff, and faculty.


Ahmed Ben Amara

Business process consultant @ Henkel

An MSB graduate in Tunisia is always one step ahead from others by acquiring strong communication & soft skills, by leveraging English level, and by going through a program that is up to date with nowadays business management processes and strategies that offers you the flexibility to adapt with a broad range of jobs, and those are the cherries companies in & outside Tunisia are willing to pick


Rym Kriaa

MedTech alumna 2019 SE

Being the first and only English-speaking engineering school offering a diploma in Renewable Energies in Tunisia, MedTech provides you with plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills and mind. Studying with new friends and building teamwork skills makes it the most valuable experience you will ever have. Also, having a close relationship with brilliant professors contributes significantly to your knowledge base. Indeed, the quality of a learning environment makes a difference by introducing you to diversified professional paths and helping you advance in your future life and career.  I had the privilege to conduct my capstone project at the University of Waterloo in Canada, which is a partner of Medtech. The relevant skills I acquired will prepare me for the journey ahead. Currently, I am pursuing a Master of Science degree entitled “Engineers for Smart Cities” at Institut Méditerranéen du Risque de l’Environnement et du Développement Durable (IMREDD) in Nice, France. I owe my success to MedTech and I feel proud to be alumni of the Mediterranean Institute of Technology.



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