Ahmed Aziz Ouertatani

Phd student @ the University of Porto

I belong to the first cohort of MedTech. I am extremely grateful for giving me unique opportunity to build a diversified and powerful network and gain technical engineering skills. I believe that by integrating courses with MSB, I also developed entrepreneurial and creative thinking. I am very appreciative of having completed my capstone project in University in Coimbra and now continuing my education in Sustainable Energy Systems PhD program at University of Porto with the hope of becoming first ambassador of MedTech in Portugal. I look forward to growing my career path in research and actively contributing to the wonderful community of MedTech.


Rym Kriaa

Cost Control Information System Engineer @EPPM

Being the first and only English-Speaking engineering school offering an Engineering Diploma in Renewable Energies in Tunisia, MedTech provides you with plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills and mind. Studying with new friends and building team skills makes it the utmost experience you will ever have. Also, having a close relationship with bright professors contributes significantly to your knowledge base. It made me realize how the learning environment can make a difference and enable you to identify diversified professional paths and help you in your future life and career. I owe my success to MedTech and I feel proud of being Alumni of the Mediterranean Institute of Technology. 


Selim Zerelli

MedTech Junior Class 2023 SE

This internship helped me professionally growing up and provided me with a much greater concept of what to expect after college, a valuable hands-on experience, and a better idea about what knowledge areas and skills I should attach more importance and make further improvement to in my further studies. Most importantly, I was surrounded by the SMU career center which helped me with my credibility and professionalism to receive the attention needed during this internship. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn and get a better understanding of the culture of the company.


Fatma Ezzahra Ben Yedder

Data Scientist @ Think IT

Medtech is one of my best life experiences. During my software engineering curriculum, I not only gathered a strong technical skills background but also learned various soft skills including problem-solving, public speaking, technical English communication, and project management. I’ve met amazing people and learned a lot from high-level professors that participated in my career growth. 

Now I am a Software engineer, a data scientist at Think-it (A-Tech Tuniso-german company based in Tunis that works with international companies), and I can say that my three years of engineering at MedTech have a huge impact on what I achieved until now. I am also a teaching assistant at Medtech, I manage a team at Think-it and worked on different projects in machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer vision fields. I am proud of who I became and grateful for what I learned from Medtech.  I encourage anyone who would like to join the university and take advantage of this great learning opportunity.  


Aziz Bachtarzi

MedTech Junior Student

Being an ambassador to Highered and working closely with the Career Center was a very good experience for me. This last period has been difficult for everyone given the current situation in the world but that did not prevent us from working. As an ambassador of Highered SMU and more precisely Medtech, I had a pleasure to work during all this month with the platform representative Stefano. Our first challenge was to welcome a maximum of students from our university within the platform. All this continued during this period of confinement. Our last challenge which is still in progress is that of having a maximum of online internships and a virtual Career Fair. For this, the ambassadors of Highered SMU are working with the DSC (Developer Student Club of SMU) but also with the Highered Platform. This experience has been very enriching for me and I hope to continue serving this cause.



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