Faculty Testimonials


Feriel Oueslati

L3 Student

Before enrolling in SMU, my life was pretty monotonous. All I did was study and go home and I never thought that there was anything beyond the academic. After joining SMU, I learned that studies are very important but not enough, that you had to practice what you learned in their classrooms, that it was primordial to build and shape my soft skills while I had the change so I joined the student life and took a half time job on campus, founded an online magazine for the university, participated in various competitions and even went up for class representative. The reason behind me joining this university is the education they provide and the extracurricular they encourage. You might think that clubs and activities might distract me from my studies. Well, I wouldn’t be so sure because my grades and GPA went up, my confidence as well and my time management was better making me an excellent student but also an even better manager.


Arij Ismail

L2 Student

I created my UTM link in order for the Highered staff to keep track of my activities. In fact, each week, a responsible send us the number of users and sessions that each ambassador has reached.  I posted on many groups targeting many students who are seeking an internship or job abroad using my UTM link. I created an Instagram account, and I posted some of the opportunities that you mention every time. Recently I haven't been active, but Stefano introduced me to the virtual job fair and told me to inform you about it. I will send an email to the Career Center to register for the virtual job fair so that students from our university could join.  I want to thank Msb for giving me this opportunity and I hope that I will meet your highest expectations.  


Malek El Mufti

HEC Program Student

I graduated from the ISC (International Scholl of Carthage) with honors (14.2/20) in the scientific baccalaureate series. After a sabbatical year where I learned German and other languages and did various training, I heard about the MSB-HEC Montreal partnership. It was for my discovery and I was able, after passing my entrance tests, to integrate the program. From the first year, I was able to establish a large network which, each in its own way, brought me the added value and with whom I shared my experiences. This richness in the sharing of knowledge taught me a lot, whether it was from the inside with the students or from the outside with teachers or characters who came to testify to their "success stories". I was also impressed by the quality of the teachers, some of whom came especially from HEC Montreal to give us classes. The extra-curricular atmosphere is also rich and omnipresent throughout the various clubs that the campus offers. I consider the preparatory year to be very important in order to be at the level required to integrate the North American university system.



Valedictorian Licence 2015

It is with great pleasure that I have learnt about my acceptance at IESEG for a double-degree MSB-IESEG Master program thanks to the partnership between the two universities. My 3-year academic journey at the Mediterranean School of Business allowed me to shape my professional career along with a self-development accomplishment. Now, moving forward with a Master Grande Ecole at IESEG will certainly further strengthen my competencies.


Fatma Ezzahra Ben Yedder

Data Scientist @ Think IT

Medtech is one of my best life experiences. During my software engineering curriculum, I not only gathered a strong technical skills background but also learned various soft skills including problem-solving, public speaking, technical English communication, and project management. I’ve met amazing people and learned a lot from high-level professors that participated in my career growth. 

Now I am a Software engineer, a data scientist at Think-it (A-Tech Tuniso-german company based in Tunis that works with international companies), and I can say that my three years of engineering at MedTech have a huge impact on what I achieved until now. I am also a teaching assistant at Medtech, I manage a team at Think-it and worked on different projects in machine learning, Natural Language Processing, and Computer vision fields. I am proud of who I became and grateful for what I learned from Medtech.  I encourage anyone who would like to join the university and take advantage of this great learning opportunity.  


Aziz Bachtarzi

MedTech Junior Student

Being an ambassador to Highered and working closely with the Career Center was a very good experience for me. This last period has been difficult for everyone given the current situation in the world but that did not prevent us from working. As an ambassador of Highered SMU and more precisely Medtech, I had a pleasure to work during all this month with the platform representative Stefano. Our first challenge was to welcome a maximum of students from our university within the platform. All this continued during this period of confinement. Our last challenge which is still in progress is that of having a maximum of online internships and a virtual Career Fair. For this, the ambassadors of Highered SMU are working with the DSC (Developer Student Club of SMU) but also with the Highered Platform. This experience has been very enriching for me and I hope to continue serving this cause.


Dmytro Mlynchyk

Procurement & supply chain intern @ Geoseis Tunisie

At the moment my focus is on design practice and entrepreneurship. I have co-founded a design studio with a focus on strategic product development, concept design, business modeling, research, and art direction.  

Studying at MSB and doing an exchange program at Nova SBE brought a huge impact on how I see things. First of all its ability to see a bigger picture with in-depth analyses of what is needed to be achieved. Secondly, it is a strategic mindset of how a certain thing can evolve or improve over time. Finally, such experience brought me an understanding of how I can implement this knowledge in a different industry and make the best of two worlds.   will be honest saying that the whole educational process at MSB was very inspiring and gave me more confidence in myself. 


Cyrine Sahli

Master Student

I took this time to reflect on my work in the alumni association and I realized the impact it had on my personal growth and professional as well. On a professional aspect, I became more self-confident about the importance of cultivating a network of alumni and more aware of the efforts conducted by SMU into cultivating and uniting us. As a personal aspect, It helped keep contact with old alumni and get inspired by their paths and be more confident with my engagements. My time in the association has enhanced many skills such as time management, analysis, and communication skills and I am thankful for the chance I had to work closely with the members of the board and especially with the career center members, who were very helpful and guided me in every step. 


Dana Al Darras

Student at MedTech

My name is Dana Al Darras a software engineering student in Medtech. When I first applied to the university we were told about the job fair, an annual event where we get to meet and connect with various companies on our own campus. The concept was mindblowing but I as a first-year student it was a bit intimidating as we had no experience in building a personal brand, a CV,  a LinkedIn portfolio or any of the requirements that make a student a considerable candidate for internships and jobs in those companies. However, the week of the job fair, the university's career center offered us an extensive series of workshops and lectures that helped me build a strong business persona that qualified me as an eligible candidate for an internship I applied for. Thanks to the two job fairs i have attended on the course of the past two years, I've completed two internships, had over three job offers, and gained a strong network of connections that came in handy when I launched my own startup this year.


Ines Haj Romdhane

L3 Student

Throughout my studies at MSB, i had the opportunity to meet many incredible people. Being active in many clubs helped me a lot. Since my first year, I was already part of the student life community and Enactus SMU. I also was one of the founders of the Lions Club and became one of the ambassadors of the EFMD Platform Highered. These extrasolar activities helped me learn many new skills. I had the opportunity to discover public speaking in Enactus and Communication and event organizing with student life. In my second year, I became the student life coordinator at MSB, this job is an amazing experience as it helped me grow and become more organized in my studies. Thanks to MSB I had the opportunity to participate and co-organize many hackathons, one of them was the biggest one in Africa AI HACK. This hackathon was one of the best experiences in my life as I had the opportunity to meet many people from Google Mena that had always inspired me. When I first joined MSB, I would have never thought that I will be able to do all of this, I always thought that I was more up for engineering studies. But with time I saw the potential of a business student in me and thanks to the professors and the amazing community we have here I even got the chance to start and become the project manager of a sustainable clothing line with Enactus. In two years I learned a lot and grow so much. I will forever be thankful. One piece of advice I can give is to always believe that you are capable of more, that’s the key to success.


Rym Kriaa

Cost Control Information System Engineer @EPPM

Being the first and only English-Speaking engineering school offering an Engineering Diploma in Renewable Energies in Tunisia, MedTech provides you with plenty of opportunities to sharpen your skills and mind. Studying with new friends and building team skills makes it the utmost experience you will ever have. Also, having a close relationship with bright professors contributes significantly to your knowledge base. It made me realize how the learning environment can make a difference and enable you to identify diversified professional paths and help you in your future life and career. I owe my success to MedTech and I feel proud of being Alumni of the Mediterranean Institute of Technology. 


Mohamed Khalil liouane

Junior MedTech Student

Coming to MedTech was a last-minute decision for me. As a Tunisian student who decided to transfer from studying pharmacy to computer system engineering, I really wanted to make the best decision for myself. Now looking back, I could not be any prouder of myself for making such a decision, especially after having a merit scholarship and being on the dean's list. Honestly, I believe that the best thing about MedTech is the mix between engineering and entrepreneurship

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